The Power of People

7 Jan, 2013 Personal Development

You’ve heard many successful authors, speakers, trainers all say that one of the surest ways to be successful is to surround yourself with other successful people. You will begin to pick up their habits and mindsets; it’s impossible not to!

My Mother used to put it another way by saying “you are a mirror image of your friends; so pick good ones!” Well, I personally can’t agree more!

I recently hosted a local Meetup group for anyone interested in self development. My goal was to find other like-minded people but what I found was pretty amazing. Not only did I meet other people interested in developing themselves, but I also was surrounded by people who are already successful in their own rights and passionate about life. The energy in our first meeting was overwhelming and I immediately was energized by their talents, integrity and actions. This is how I want to be so choosing to surround myself with people like this is vital to my success.

What about you? Who’s in your immediate circle of friends? Who is influencing your thoughts, actions and decisions? Are these people lifting you up or pulling you down? If you are a “mirror image” of your friends then what do you see when you look in the mirror? If you see positive energy, success and motivation then chances are you in the right circle but if you don’t like the behaviors, attitudes or achievements of your current circle of friends then it’s time to make a change.

I’m not saying to leave your friends behind; so please hear me out. We all have friends that are in our lives for a reason. Those that are not pulling you up right now might need YOU to pull THEM up. But, you need to also have a group of people to do the same for you. You must have others to motivate, mentor and coach you to achieve your dreams too!

I encourage you to find a local group that thinks the same as you. If you are in the DFW area, I welcome you to our group.

There are countless church groups, professional groups, mother’s groups etc. in every area that you can join. Just don’t let another day go by surrounding yourself with people who are not going in the direction you want to go. Remember, in order to be successful you MUST surround yourself with successful people.


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