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27 Aug, 2020 Getting Published

For generations, authors who wanted to share their story with the world didn’t always have a guarantee that they would reach an audience. Traditional publishing houses ruled the literary world. They made the sole determination of which books would be published and distributed, and which manuscripts would be left behind. But with the rise of the internet age, the publishing process has changed. Today, self-publishing companies help new authors realize their dreams.

And with these companies, even the options for both new and experienced authors have grown by leaps and bounds. It’s no longer a question of if you can publish your book, but how!

One of the easiest and most economical ways for an author to get noticed and to get their work in print is to self-publish their story. In fact the specific services offered by self-publishing companies can certainly vary widely. But generally, self-publishing companies help with design, layout, publication, and distribution to online and brick-and-mortar book purveyors all around the globe.

But many new authors may initially have a tricky time trying to determine the best way to share their story with the world.

So before you start to peruse the many options for self-publishing, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the self-publishing process.


Types of Self-Publishing Companies

As a broad definition, self-publishing companies offer both publishing and distribution services to independent authors who are not already contracted with a literary agent or traditional publishing house.

But as new soon-to-be authors will quickly discover, there are several different types of publishing services to choose from:



A book retailer serves as a direct link for authors to publish their stories. Through a book retailer, you can directly upload your work – complete with cover design, layout, and formatting. Then, the individual retailer will simply sell your book for you.

There are plenty of direct retailers to choose from. But the main giants in the self-publishing industry includes familiar names like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo.



Aggregators are somewhat similar to retailers, in that the author does the bulk of the formatting and design work. But they go a step further and essentially serve as a middle man to help ensure your book reaches countless online platforms and store shelves. An aggregator will send your work to dozens of established book retailers, saving you time and effort when it comes to distribution.


Publishing Educational Companies

Publishing educational companies offer more-in-depth services which include courses or instruction on how to publish, design, and market your work. These are ideal for new authors who are unfamiliar with the publishing process. Publishing educational companies are adept at showing writers the ropes, and help an author reach the widest audience possible through insight and detailed instruction.

Though publishing educational companies may be more expensive than straightforward retailers or aggregators, they can boost a writer’s reach. In addition they provide an invaluable education on how to effectively self-publish a book.


Self-Publishing Author Services

In addition to the services above, authors will also discover that there are a number of independent freelancers and self-publishing companies that offer a specific service. They might even offer sets of services, such as cover design, formatting, printing, or editing.

This is a good option for authors with some experience in the publishing realm. Or maybe who just needs a hand with a certain aspect of the writing process, such as formatting the layout of their manuscript.


Tips for Effective Self-Publishing

Now that you’ve explored your options, the next question is how do you ensure that your self-published work reaches the widest audience possible? It starts with considering these tips that will help get the word out about your newly-published work.


First, start with a polished manuscript

Even the best authors in the world need professional editing, and you want to ensure that your book is as polished as possible. Too many grammar or spelling mistakes can make a reader quickly lose interest. So, enlist the assistance of a freelance copyeditor or professional editor before you go to press.


Make sure your design stands out in a crowd

Most readers really do judge a book by its cover, so you want to ensure that your design is eye-catching and generates interest! Again, there are ample independent or freelance graphic designers who can help you come up with a striking image or layout. This way they can help make sure that your book grabs attention.


Purchase an ISBN

An ISBN provides important data about your book to booksellers all around the world, and all with just a few digits. You’ll want to purchase an ISBN if you want to sell your book. And this way, you’ll ensure that you have full control over its future publication.


Find inexpensive marketing options online

You don’t have to buy fancy ads or hire marketing professionals to spread the word about your story! Look at social media advertising for inexpensive marketing tools. Or simply create free social media pages specifically for your book on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others to generate a broader and larger audience.


Find a critic

A great way for new authors to get noticed is to have their book critiqued. Therefore, try to find an experienced critic who can review and help promote your book, while spreading the word about your story.


Create a community

Writing may be a solitary activity, but creating connections with other experienced authors can certainly help to open a lot of doors. Join a writing group, make friends with local booksellers and authors. In doing so, you’ll find colleagues who can help you publish and promote your book.


Self-publishing is an involved process, but it’s also a remarkably efficient way for new authors to get noticed.


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