Rainbows and childhood

18 Feb, 2015 Productivity

I love rainbows. I think they’re beautiful and when I was a kid, I was obsessed with them and I would literally just draw them on everything with my crayons. I just loved all the colors. I always put a pot of gold at the end of it. I think all little girls love rainbows too.

But, I think what I really liked about the rainbow was the metaphor of what it did. It brought you to your pot of gold. Even in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy sang the song about the land far away above the clouds where her dreams came true, where there were no problems, and life was sweet. It went something like, “Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” What is your rainbow? More importantly, what is your “pot of gold.” What dream to do you dream about that you really want to come true? You first have to dream it before you can have it.

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