Challenges as a ”means to an end”

18 Nov, 2014 Personal Development

Even though we may prefer sunshine over rain, at some point we realize that it is the “down days” that can bring us to new places of understanding and wisdom.

We can use these times to consciously practice “flipping over” our anger to understanding and forgiveness, and our sadness to joy and gratitude. This simple exercise has the power to transform those challenging situations.

Think of challenges as a ”means to an end.” We will struggle, we will have trouble, we will cry, we will hurt; nothing will change that. But, if we see those trials as opportunities to bring us closer to what we want to be, do, and have in life, then it makes everything so much easier.

It is the “rain” that produces our “rainbows,” and our storms that bring us to a state of appreciation for the beauty of that greater plan. This plan is designed to help us grow and learn from our mistakes. And, “believe it or not,” it is this grand plan that will bring us to the land of rainbows where dreams really do come true.


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