31 Jan, 2015 Productivity

I’m very, very big on taking action now. What’s the point of having a goal and a dream and a desire for something if you never get around to accomplishing it. So, I am so convinced that if you just take action, start little by little but take that action now, then you can accomplish great things.

You see…most people think when they have a goal that they have to drop everything and just go after their goal. I have a lot of people who contact me, and I do coaching, one-on-one mentoring with them, and they ask, “Do I need to quit my job if I have this dream and I want to do something with my life? Do I need to quit my job?” The point isn’t just to quit everything or let your old life go behind you. The point is to start a new life or start going after your new dreams and desires while you’re still managing what you’re doing today. So, I don’t encourage just dropping it all.

The key ingredient is this. If you will do 1% a day, just one thing toward your goal or your dream or what you want to accomplish, just one thing, that will get you there. You don’t have to hit goals immediately.

I heard somebody tell me once that 1% action is better than 100% intention. Meaning, you can think about it all you want, but unless you do something about it, it does you no good.

I want you to dust off those dreams, figure out what it is that you want, because I know you have them. I know they’re down there. I know you’ve probably said, like myself, that you’ll get to them some day. But my question for you is what are you waiting for? What is so important that is going on in your life right now that puts your goals and your dreams and your desires on the backburner? Why is it that we settle for living such a mediocre life when we know if we just do the things that we love, we’ll be happier? We know we’ll be living an extraordinary one. So, why do we settle? Why do we just keep doing the things that we know won’t make us happy?

My biggest question that I ask people, and I have to remind myself everyday, is why do we all think we’re going to be able to do those things later. What guarantees do we have? Why is it that we want to wait until maybe we’re at the end of our rope to start living? Life is so short.

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