Feed Your Writer’s Brain with These Productivity Podcast

24 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

It’s time to grab your headphones and tune in for a little brain food! From productivity, motivation and writer’s tips, there’s a bit of something for everyone.

1. Invisibilia

This podcast endeavors to bring to light the “invisible” parts of our world and society — the things you never think of but touch our lives in countless ways.

The show’ss hosts, Lulu and Alex take a storytelling twist on otherwise scholarly topics, such as the relationship between neuroscience and psychology.

After just one listen, you’ll be inspired to see the world around you through an entirely new lense.

Check out: “The Problem with the Solution” (59:30)

2. TED Radio Hour

Who hasn’t’ seen a TED talk? Presentations given by the best and brightest, from technology, education, design, lifestyle, pop culture and more — there’s a bit of something for everything.

The TED Radio Hour is perfect background noise while you’re working, running errands, exercising or putzing around the house; AND you’ll definitely learn a thing or two!

Check out: “Slowing Down” (52:45)

3. Bulletproof Radio

The show’s host, Dave Asprey is a true productivity guru — with a twist. Dave focuses on simple “life hacks” and how we can optimize the everyday rituals and routines of our day to be our best and highest-functioning selves.

Dave gives insights to how science and technology can optimize our lives, without the need for any high-tech abilities. In 2014, it was named #1 podcast on iTunes radio and still lingers on the top charts — give it a listen!

Check out: “Preventing Burnout & Recharging Your Batteries — Ariana Huffington” (43:22)

4. The 5 AM Miracle

Funny name, right? But the idea behind the 5 AM madness is pure genius — taking hold of your day even before breakfast begins!

Big changes don’t have to require big action; it’s the small, daily lifestyle changes which lead to big rewards.

Your life doesn’t need a major productivity haul, just a handful of minor tweaks, you can commit and focus to, day in and day out.

For any list lovers, you’ll be pleased to hear the show’s host, Jeff, gives step-by-step “action plans” in accordance with the episode’s topic.

Check out: “3 Strategies to Jumpstart Your Productivity and Success” (19:05)

5. Write Now

This inspirational podcast is designed to help aspiring writers find a balance between life, work family, relationships and their dream of writing.

For many writers, simply finding the time can be the biggest challenge. Sarah Werner offers actionable advice to get writing and stay motivated.

Check out: “How to Prioritize Your Writing” (36:45)

6. Authority Self-Publishing

This show has a pretty specific theme: marketing for self-published authors. The hosts and marketing experts share advice and tools for marketing your book after it’s published, specifically eBooks.

Regardless if your book is digital or hard copy, there’s something here to be learned.

Check out: “How to Repurpose Content to Build Your Author Business” (38:47)

7. Writing Unblocked

For anyone looking for motivation to get writing or who need the final push to finish their project, this is the podcast for you!

Britney Mills sits down with published authors to discuss tips and tricks of the trade for getting your book on paper, making time for your writing and owning the creative process.

You’ve got support and tools every step of the way!

Check out: “Prewriting” (4:04)

Looking for more? I’ve got tons of resources to get you on track in life, productivity and writing.

Check out, Living Your Purpose, where I uncover ways to live a life full of more happiness, peace, joy, success, and self-satisfaction.

Or, Busy Being Busy, a look at powerful techniques to conquer procrastination and live your best life now.

What are your favorite podcasts? Did we hit on any of your favorites?

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Feed Your Writer's Brain with These Productivity Podcast
It’s time to grab your headphones and tune in for a little brain food! From productivity, motivation and writer’s tips, there’s a bit of something for everyone.

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