Don’t Wait Another Year Dreaming About Becoming an Author!

20 Jan, 2017 Book Writing

“Book Bound By The Sea” is about a week away, and it’s going to be a packed house! There is still time to sign up!

When you put dozens of like-minded authors together in the same place, it is nothing short of magic!

Still on the fence?! Here are the top ten signs you’re ready for “Book Bound By The Sea!”

10. You Like Being Creative and Expressing Yourself

“Book Bound By The Sea” offers a multitude of opportunities to do so. As long as you’re willing to commit the effort, honesty and openness, you will always be received with warmth and support.

9.You Want to Meet a Community of Like-Minded Authors

I can’t rave enough about our “Book Bound” community. In fact, I think many would say it’s more like a family than anything else. For that reason, they come back every year, ready for more!

8. You Need a Little Extra Motivation

“Book Bound By The Sea” is far more than just a writing workshop. It is just as much an opportunity for personal growth and discovery, as anything else.

7. You Want Greater Control in the Publishing Process

“Book Bound By The Sea” will teach you how to write, publish and market your book. And, the best thing: you maintain full rights to your work.

6. You’re Ready for Lucrative Speaking Opportunities

As an author, people want to hear from YOU, the expert. “Book Bound” alumni have gone on to become keynote speakers, hold their own workshops and seminars, or even spoken on a podcast or radio show.

5. You Don’t Know How to Get Started Writing Your Book

“Book Bound By The Sea”  offers you a chance to tackle the biggest obstacles to authorship. We uncover methods for time management, goal-setting, brainstorming and various writing techniques.

4. You Believe Your Story Matters

Each and every one of us has a unique story, just waiting to take form. Perhaps you’ve been through an exceptionally challenging life event, have dealt with personal crisis or have words of wisdom to share.

Regardless what your story is, there is someone out there who needs to hear it. As an author, it is your duty and honor to share your story and impact the lives of others. The first step is simply believing in yourself!

3. You Are a Business Owner or Entrepreneur

Writing a book for your business or industry will instantly establish YOU as the expert. As the expert, you will gain unprecedented credibility and trust from your peers, colleagues and customers!

2. You’ve Already Written a Book

“Book Bound” will undoubtedly offer a new perspective or friendly reminder, to help get your next book OUT of your head.

Alumni are a testament to that! I’ve written and published dozens of books, yet am always learning something new as an author; being a student never ends!

1. You Already Have a Book Idea

“Book Bound” will give you the tools to take your book idea and transform it into words on paper. You’ll learn techniques for “Mind Dumping,” dividing chapters and subchapters, productivity tips, and plenty more!

Come Join Me!

So, what are you waiting for? We have a handful of spots still available, and I don’t want you to miss out!

Lock down your spot today— before they run out. I can’t wait to see you there!

Article Name
Don't Wait Another Year Dreaming About Becoming an Author!
“Book Bound By The Sea” is about a week away, and it’s going to be a packed house! There is still time to sign up! Lock down your spot today-- before they run out. I can’t wait to see you there!

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