Productivity Is All About Choices

2 Feb, 2017 Productivity

When it comes to productivity, it’s not about how good you are or how effective your strategies. It’s about the choices you make to achieve your goals and stay on track.

We’re all guilty of making choices, which ultimately do not serve our greater purpose, and we’re typically unaware of the consequences we create.

Sounds a bit confusing, but stay with me! I’ve come up with a short list of simple, everyday choices, where we have the option of choosing THIS instead of THAT for greater productivity and ease in life.

Here we go!


The idea of seeking help from others sometimes feels like a shortcoming or lack of independence, when, in fact asking for help is a sign of strength, rather than weakness.

The 4 most common myths about asking for help, collaboration and working in a team are:

  • “Leaders don’t ask for help.”
  • “Asking for help means losing control.”
  • “If I get help, I must reciprocate.”
  • “It’s easier to do it all on my own.”

Accepting help will enlighten you to the strengths of others, as well as highlight your strengths and weaknesses.

Sometimes, we can see ourselves more clearly through our interactions with others. In those instances, we can benefit from embracing where we struggle and learning to accept and adapt it.


At one time or another, self-doubt will plague even the most confident of writers, entrepreneurs or business owners.

Especially in today’s Digital Age, where we’re so easily exposed to the opinions and judgments of others, it can become challenging not to let it affect our self-perception.  

As creatives and industry experts, we’re often faced with challenges of decreased inspiration or productivity. However, as an internal challenge, self-doubt can be tackled, if we have the right tools:

  • Surround Yourself With Positive Influence
  • Always Keep Learning
  • Stop Making Comparisons
  • Remember You Can’t Please Everyone
  • Stay Focused On Yourself and Your Goals

3. Choose QUALITY Instead of QUANTITY

Mental and physical clutter can be a huge barrier to productivity.

The little trinkets, tickets, receipts, letters and so on and so forth, seem harmless enough, but once they begin to form piles and stacks, you’ve got a problem!

It may be time to sit down and begin to declutter your life, so you can see, act and live with greater clarity.

Here’s how to get started.

Set A Date

Pick a day where you can truly devote your time and energy to simply clearing out the excess waste in your life– perhaps over the weekend?

Make An Action Plan

Figure out which areas of your life need to be decluttered and make a definitive list.

Not only will it keep you on track, but you’ll also feel accomplished each time you’re able to check an item off!

Take Baby Steps

Set incremental and achievable goals; first, tackle your office, then the kitchen, your closet and so on.

If your goal is too ambitious, you may end up feeling under-accomplished, if you don’t reach your target right away.

One At A Time

Getting rid of a ton of stuff at once can feel overwhelming, or perhaps difficult. Try taking baby steps by getting rid of just one item at a time.

Stay Focused

If you’ve set aside a specific date and time for your declutter session, do not schedule anything else during that time or get distracted by side projects. The more you focus, the quicker and easier it’ll be over!

Stop the Flow

The easiest way to prevent clutter can also be the most challenging. Are you ready?

Here it is: stop buying, collecting, keeping and saving things you don’t need!

As with life, productivity is about making choices, so what do you choose?

We want to hear from you in the comments below!

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Article Name
Productivity Is All About Choices
When it comes to productivity, it’s not about how good you are or how effective your strategies. It’s about the choices you make to achieve your goals and stay on track.

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