Life is a series of choices.

15 Dec, 2014 Personal Development

Doing too much of anything—eating, working, volunteering, exercising, church activities, relaxing even, becomes unhealthy. Each activity recharges or fuels the others. We can compare it to recharging our bodies with meals that are balanced, and that contain all the basic nutrients for giving us the energy we need, while at the same time, preventing the build-up of stress.

Marriage between two people whose lifestyles are out of balance often ends up in divorce. Often one of the partners spends too much time at the office and neglects his spouse and family. Or, one of the partners does not carry his share of the financial responsibility. Possibly one or both of the persons is dealing with personal issues such as substance abuse, or other co-dependent challenges, and refuses to get help.Life is a series of choices.

Can you think of one thing you could do today that would improve your life? What about the opposite? Can you think of one thing you could do today that would make your life worse? It’s all about choices!

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