How To Increase Productivity In The Workplace

14 Mar, 2015 Productivity

A lot of employers may be asking this question: How do I get my workers to up their productivity? The productivity level may not even be struggling, but as the boss, it’s completely understandable to want to improve something that isn’t even faltering.
First, if your company is struggling with low productivity, it’s important to find the cause. Low productivity cannot be blamed on the employees alone.

  1. A lot of low productivity has to do with the work environment and the work conditions provided to them. It’s important to alter these conditions if they’re poor in order to allow employees to perform to their full potential. Employees need motivation, a reason to get things done that isn’t just the paycheck they get at the end of the week.
  2. Make sure every employee is held accountable for their actions. In a professional work place, there are no favorites. Every single person must be held to a specific standard, with consequence ensued if the employee fails to reach these standards.
  3. Avoid micromanagement. Employees do need to be supervised, but allow them to have a bit of freedom. Nobody works well when somebody is there breathing down their necks.
  4. Encourage your employees. Encouragement is a huge part of a work place because it boosts the employee’s esteem within that company, which in turn pushes the employee to work harder. Reward your employees when something good is achieved, whether it’s a simple “well done” or a full-out pizza party in the office.
  5. Make goals realistic. If the goals for your employees are not realistic, they aren’t likely to be achieved. This not only makes the worker disappointed in themselves, it also disappoints the boss. Realistic goals allow for less stress and a lot more productivity within an office.
  6. Team work is key. There are some tasks that should be executed alone, but allow the employees to interact. Have them get into teams to complete a specific project. It’s more efficient and all sorts of ideas are bounced around as opposed to one person doing all of the work.
  7. Have contests. When you break your employees up into teams, have them compete. Whoever then does the best quality work is rewarded. This creates a fun atmosphere within the work place while increasing productivity with a little friendly competition.
  8. Make sure the technology is up to date. With technology becoming a forefront in society today, it is important that employees have the right tools to do the work on. You don’t have to go and buy the latest whenever new technology comes out, but having quality within work tools will increase productivity like you wouldn’t believe.

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