Park to your Final Destination

1 Dec, 2014 Personal Development

There are really two ways to get through the park to your final destination. You can walk briskly thinking about where you are going, what you need to do, what you plan to say and fill your mind with all the “tasks” in your day rather than simply enjoying what is around you.

You would walk past the trees and flowers and birds and totally miss their beauty buy focusing only on what “needs” to get done.

Or, you can release your mind as you walk through the park (still on your way to your final destination) but instead you allow yourself to breathe and enjoy your surroundings. You look at all the splendor that God created, feel the breeze against your face and notice the way it makes you feel.

By allowing yourself to be “one” with nature your body will release the tension and enable you to relax. It’s through this relaxation that we can enjoy and appreciate all that life has to offer.

Nothing about the scenario changed….you still need to walk through the park to get where you’re going, but this change in focus allows you to enjoy your walk rather than totally overlook everything right in front of you that can create a sense of peace and harmony.


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