Not enjoying what you do?

20 Dec, 2014 Productivity

People may procrastinate because they’re doing things they don’t enjoy. While we all have to do these mundane things like the dishes or go grocery shopping, life is a lot more enjoyable if we have a meaningful career or a meaningful passion.

This is why I am so passionate about you finding your passion, because you need to do this soul searching. You may be procrastinating at work and you may be missing deadlines because you probably don’t like your job. Now, I know right now, so many of us need the jobs that we have.

I’m not saying to walk away from it. But what I am saying is find your soul’s calling. Find your “why”. What is it that is inside of you that brings joy, what is it that you want to do, and it’s not a chore to do, and then, gravitate toward those things.

The experts recommend that you just sit down and make a list of the times when you feel truly, truly happy, when you feel total joy. What are you doing? Who are you with? And, what’s making you feel that way? Then, you can think about how you make a career out of that. This is where maybe a coach can help you with that, or even a counselor, or even a friend, but this is your life.

This is the one and only life you’re going to get. If you procrastinate it away, you get no second chances. Your calling is in you. There’s no doubt in my mind; every single one of you on has a passion and a soul’s calling, but are you stopping long enough to hear it. If you’re not, get on the dime now. Go figure that out now. Don’t procrastinate this. We’re talking about your life, after all.

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