Be Grateful

29 Aug, 2014 Personal Development

There are so many things to complain about in life…finances, your job, your kids, etc. And, while there may be legitimate reasons to complain about your situation, complaining will never make it better. Instead, be grateful! Be grateful for your co-workers, even though they may drive you crazy. Be grateful for your boss who is hard on you, but also challenges you, and makes you stretch further than you thought you could.

I guarantee if you will start being grateful for the things in your life that make you happy, or even unhappy, you will experience a wonderful upsurge of new energy.

Suddenly, change is in the air! You might arrive at work one day and notice that you really do enjoy your job and appreciate the uniqueness of your co-workers. You might even think everyone else has changed, but it’s really you who flipped the switch to the Happiness Channel. Why not give that flip-switch a try? The alternative is staying exactly where you are; and if that doesn’t feel good, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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