5 Ways Writing a Book Will Change Your Life

18 Oct, 2017 Book Writing

Imagine if you have the solution to someone else’s problem, but without your book they never found it?

There’s no reason NOT to write your book, but a million reasons why you SHOULD. Getting your book on paper is just the tip of the iceberg; not only will you book significantly change the lives of others, but it will dramatically change yours, as well.

1. Your story will leave a legacy.

When you leave a legacy, you change the lives of others and make a difference in the world.

  • Have you thought about the legacy you’ll leave?
  • How do you want to be remembered?

Everyone has a story and writing a book will pull it out of you and turn you into the author you always dreamed you would become.

2. A sense of purpose.

What is your purpose in this world? We’re all put here for a specific reason, and it’s exactly that reason that fills us with purpose and committed to change the world.

You have a unique set of skills, expertise and experience could be useful to tons of people if only you’d write your book!

  • Have you ever thought about writing your book, but thought, who’s going to listen to me?
  • Why shouldn’t they listen to you?

Writing a book will help you discover your greater purpose and how you were meant to share it with others.

3. Become an expert in your field.

Once you write a book, you establish yourself as the expert in your field. Imagine if next time you met with a client, you could hand them your book.

Or, next time you’re at a networking event, you could share your book with a new connection, giving them instant access to the credibility of your services.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs choose not even to sell their book and instead use it as their business card. Becoming a published author will differentiate you from the crowd and make you stand out in your industry.

4. Generate extra streams of income.

Once you write a book, you’ll attract lucrative speaking engagements and other invitations — people will want to hear from you, the EXPERT!

Writing a book can support and amplify your business beyond your wildest expectations. Consider how authorship could be an integral part of your business strategy, and how your book can be used as a marketing or networking tool.

5. Boost your network.

Ask any author who has gone through “Book Bound Workshop,” and they’ll tell you the community of like-minded, supportive participants they meet are the best part about writing a book.

“Book Bounders” are a community and family, first and foremost. We collaborate, learn and share with each other, so we can share our stories and make a difference in the world.

When you write a book, you will undoubtedly extend your network and touch more lives, meaning your book will get into more of the hands of those who need it most!

Stop dreaming about becoming an author — now is YOUR time!

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5 Ways Writing a Book Will Change Your Life
Imagine if you have the solution to someone else’s problem, but without your book they never found it? Writing a book will not only change the lives of others but yours, too! Find out what comes AFTER becoming a published author.

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