New to Being an Author? Here’s How to Market a Book

28 Jan, 2020 Getting Published

Having a published book of your own that tells YOUR story is truly priceless. Even so, as a writer and now published author, you may also know that it’s one feat to publish a book, but it’s another challenge altogether to maximize your book sales. So, how should you market your book to achieve this?

Traditional publishers may help with this process, but this can be a separate challenges all its own. For one thing, it is very difficult as a new writer to actually connect with a traditional publisher to sell your books. And for another, the income that is derived from book sales may not be all your own. (Conversely, if you work with a partner publisher, you get to keep all of the proceeds that stem from people who buy your book. Plus you have an opportunity to make a lot more revenue as a result).

So how do you reach your potential readers, without the marketing machine of a traditional publisher?

And how do you go from first-time writer to well-known author, especially if your marketing budget is limited and you want to initiate increased book sales on your own?

You can obtain a wealth of information by working with a partner publisher or by enlisting the expertise of a book coach. But in the meantime, here are just a few feasible ways to successfully market and promote your book, and ensure that it garners the attention it deserves.

Seven Easy Ways to Consider for How to Market Your Book

1. Pay attention to your book cover.

Ever notice when you’re at a book store that you naturally gravitate to some books simply because of the cover artwork?

You want your book to stand out on the shelves, and this starts with a smart and eye-catching cover design.

If you work with a partner publisher, you’ll have plenty of help in this arena. This is because your publisher will have the inherent knowledge of what a great book cover entails and can proceed accordingly – with little to no effort on your part!

But if you’re going it alone, you’ll have to do some research! Make a few trips to brick and mortar or online book stores and see what grabs your attention. Also, ask your friends and colleagues to do the same. What elements of the design were appealing? Why did this design stand out on a crowded shelf? Determining the answers to these questions is a great first step.

Bonus Tip: Above all else, don’t make your design too busy! You have just a few seconds to grab attention, so you want to ensure that your story and cover art is clear, and resonates with potential readers within moments.


2. Find professionals to conduct a book review

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to market any product. It’s genuine and avoids a sales-pitch-feel. So, when it comes to your book, a great way to get people talking is by facilitating book reviews.

Reach out to your local or regional magazines, newspapers, and other publications and ask them to give your book a read. Or you can connect with writer colleagues who can give your book a boost in their own literary circles. Even college professors! Because newspapers and magazines are inherently connected, a few great write-ups in your regional papers could even lead to great things – like attention from the giant book reviewers in the industry, such as the New York times!


3. Host a Book Launch

A book launch doesn’t have to be a grand affair that costs thousands of dollars in catering, venues, and entertainment. And if you’re a new author, chances are that you don’t have the budget for such an extravagant event to begin with.

So it’s good news that a great and successful book launch can entail an event on a smaller and more accessible scale, too!

Reach out to your local book shops (even Barnes and Noble) and see if they could let you stage a launch of your book and perhaps host a book signing. Mutually advantageous, a local book signing and book launch costs very little for a book shop owner, and can generate more interest to both their store, and your work. You can also connect with friends to create your own event. Or even initiate an online launch with a book reading on social media, where folks can check out your story virtually from anywhere in the globe.

Bonus Tip: Regardless of how you announce and share your book, just be sure and alert the local media and social media of your upcoming launch as well. A well-written press release to your area newspapers and publications can go a long way in building an audience, as well a hefty number of attendees at your upcoming event.


4. Peruse your social media options

Promoting your book can be as simple as a Facebook ad, or creating entire social media pages dedicated to your new status as a published author. It all just depends on how much time you are able to spend promoting yourself in the virtual world.

The good news is that multiple studies have shown that social media promotions can be very successful. In addition, online payment portals combined with new options for social media advertising have made it easier than ever to increase your audience, and your book sales. So consider your budget, the time you can dedicate to promoting your book, and go from there. Social media advertisements, like Facebook ads, tend to be an inexpensive way to generate lots of buzz and interest from a limitless audience.


5. Find other writing opportunities

One of the great things about being a newly published author is that you have a newfound position as an expert. Once you are published, you’ll find that your writing resume generates a big boost of prestige. And you’ll have a leg up when it comes to finding additional writing gigs such as content writing, blog posts, or columns, and especially in your area of expertise.

So use your new status as a voice of authority to grow your income in more ways than one! Reach out to publications, websites, newspapers, and other content providers to write shorter blog posts, features stories, or content on your subject of choice. The more you write, and the more you are published in any medium, the bigger your name recognition will grow.

Bonus Tip: If you are writing blog posts, news articles, or other features that include a byline, include information and a link to your book! Many websites and publications include a short “about the author” biography, and this is the perfect opportunity to promote and market your other works available for sale.


6. Start promoting close to home

You’d be surprised at how well you can market your book by starting with your inner circle! You can do this easily enough by reaching out to respected friends, family members, or colleagues, or you can cast a wider net with social media posts or email lists that include your personal and professional contacts.

You know that your loved ones will want to read your words, but it’s also highly likely that they will continue to share your story with their own circles of friends. This can have a contagious effect, and is a simple way to market your book, so it’s a small step you can easily take to ensure that you garner attention.


7. Finally, ask for expert help!

Have you ever heard of a book coach? A book coach is an instrumental person for new authors who can help them with every step of the process – from completing and editing that finished work, to ensuring that their story finds a valuable spot on the shelves.

Armed with experience on the challenges that naturally accompany writing, publishing, and marketing a book, a book coach is a great asset for new writers who may not be as social media savvy as they would like, or who are just unfamiliar with the marketing realm, and who could use a boost.

Ready to turn your book into a bestseller? Remember I am always here to help!

From our acclaimed Book Bound events, to personal consultations and book coach partnerships, I love working with new authors to ensure that their wholly unique story reaches the largest audience possible, and inevitably, does a world of good.

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