How Do You Define ‘Happiness’?

17 Jan, 2018 Self Improvement

How often have you talked about your “happy place?”

For many of us, our “happy place” is an actual, physical location- maybe the beach, your childhood home, or favorite vacation spot.

Have you ever stopped to consider why it is your happy place?

It probably has to do with how the place makes you feel: peaceful, calm, inspired, loved, supported, purposeful

Now, what if you could cultivate those same feelings anywhere and anytime. How would your life change? What would be possible if you could find your “happy place” everywhere?

To do that, you need to consider what your personal definition of happiness is.

It looks different for everyone. There’s certainly no right or wrong answer.

Let’s look at some of the criteria that can help you define your version of happiness, so you can cultivate it in more life experiences and live with more joy!


Happiness Really Is Within Your Reach


  • Health & Wellbeing

I have a lot of friends who find happiness through exercise, good nutrition and mental wellbeing. Your physical body affects your mood, attitudes and perceptions of self and others.

A strong connection to mind and body can help you detect when something is up, like the onset of a cold or minor injury. Being in tuned to your body can nip an illness in the bud and help you stay on track.


  • Relationships

We are social beings. Relationships are of huge importance to our overall well-being.

Maintaining healthy, close relationships to friends, family and even colleagues or community members can be a great support in your life.

Toxic or negative relationships can hold you back from stepping into your greatness and achieving your purpose.


  • Financial Success

Money is an inevitable facet of life and is necessary for survival.

Some people feel comfortable just meeting their basic needs and maintaining just a small extra cushion. Others feel more satisfied and at ease when they have money in excess.

But just because they don’t want to be limited by their financial situation means the lavish life is right for everyone.

If keeping many accounts or investments is stressful for you, stick to what you know will make you happy. Sometimes less is more.


  • Purpose

Your life’s purpose can show itself in many different ways: through work, family, community, writing, spirituality and so on.

Your purpose is typically fueled by something you’re passionate about.

To what extent are you fulfilling your purpose?

Do you feel you’re living your purpose to the point of leaving a legacy?


  • Involvement

Being part of something bigger than yourself can bring immense happiness.

Can you think back to your high school days and the thrill of adrenaline you had being part of a sports team, club or band?

Community gives us a feeling of security by being included and belonging to a greater whole.

How can you get involved in topics that are important to you?

Areas to consider may be your spiritual center, your gym, your child’s school, community center or the “Book Bound” family.


  • Personal Growth

How in tune are you with your own personal development?

Are you happy with how things are going, or do you desperately want to improve certain areas of your life?

The ability to adapt and improve one’s self is crucial to some people, while others are more comfortable living in the status quo.

These 6 areas just scratch the surface of what makes us happy. Many of them are overlapping.

I hope this short guide gives you greater insight into what makes you happy, so you can find happiness and joy — anywhere and anytime.

One of my happy places is at “Book Bound by the Sea” where I am surrounded by a community of supportive, like-minded authors and am able to fulfill my passion and purpose of helping others share their story with the world. And, did I forget to mention it’s AT THE BEACH?!


Join us at “Book Bound by the Sea.”

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How Do You Define 'Happiness'
Imagine if you could cultivate that feeling of your “happy place”, anywhere and anytime you needed it, simply by learning exactly what makes you happy.

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