The “PRINCE”-iples of Success Pt. 3: Priorities & Performance

8 May, 2017 Personal Development

If you’ve made it this far into the “PRINCE”-iples of Success series, congratulations!

You’ve clearly made the decision to commit to yourself, your goals and your story, and for that I applaud you!

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of the next two “PRINCE”-iples, let’s re-cap what we’ve already discussed.

From “PRINCE”-iple of Success Pt. 1: Passion & Purpose.

1. Passion

Passion is one of the most important things you can discover in life. It is the thing which lights you up; it influences what you love and makes you unique. Everyone has a passion — you just have to dig deep to uncover it.

2. Purpose

Your purpose is your WHY — why are you here? Everyone has a purpose — it is the reason you are on this Earth! The sooner you find your purpose, the sooner you can begin to pursue it.

That may sound fine and dandy, but how easy is it to identify your passion and your purpose? In The “PRINCE”-iples of Success Pt. 2: 6 Questions, we pursue a more strategic way of discovering your Passion & Purpose.

  1. What activities do you enjoy most?
  2. What would you do if you could not fail?
  3. What ideas are you most inspired by?
  4. When do you feel the most empowered?
  5. What is your bucket list?
  6. What legacy do you want to leave?

By now, I hope you’ve taken the time to sit down and really think about these 6 Questions. It’s important to formulate thoughtful, specific answers, as they’ll be important going forward.

So, if Passion leads to Purpose, Purpose must lead to…

3. Priorities

Once you know your Purpose, your WHY for being on this Earth, you can start to get specific about what you do. 

Your Priorities serve your Purpose; they influence your day-to-day actions, your career, hobbies, family life, personal life and so on.

Many years ago I discovered my calling to inspire, motivate and help people get their stories out. 

Once I knew my Purpose, the path ahead of me became so clear! So, what did I do? I wrote a book.

To make it simple: your Purpose creates Priorities for achieving goals.

4. Performance

Performance is something we all struggle with. Low performance happens when we’re in a rut, we can’t get things done, we are distracted or we are Busy Being Busy.

The cause of low performance is mismanaged or unidentified Priorities — if you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve, how can you measure success?

Getting clear on your Priorities will dramatically improve your Performance. Things start to shift; your checklist starts to clear, and things get done!

For me, scheduling my Priorities (family, career, friends, personal, etc.) has monumentally improved my Performance!

I get super specific on when I will tackle a specific task or when I will fully unplug and focus on my personal life, making it all the more easy to dedicate myself to whatever I’m doing at that given moment.

Performance isn’t defined by one specific area of your life, and that’s because you are more than just your career or your family or your finances and so on. You are a conglomerate of all those things and more!

Wheel of Life

There is an amazing tool I was introduced to many years ago by my long time mentor, Zig Ziglar, and it’s called the Wheel of Life.

The Wheel of Life helps you get clarity on where you are TODAY, across the broad spectrum of your life. Each “spoke” on the Wheel represents one area of your life.

Your job is to identify on a scale from 1- 10 how you rank:

  • Mental: what are you filling your mind with?
  • Physical: are you taking care of your body?
  • Spiritual: what does spirituality mean to you and are you fulfilling those needs?
  • Financial: how do your finances look; are you happy with where you are?
  • Career: is your career fulfilling and meaningful to you or just another paycheck?
  • Family: how are your relationships; are they as strong as you want them to be?
  • Personal: are you making time for yourself?

You may have found you’ve been overlooking one or many of the spokes. It’s not uncommon for one area of your life to take precedent and overshadow the others.

If you’re a workaholic, Career might be at 10, where Personal and Physical are severely slacking. Or, you have great Family and Spiritual relationships, but your Career and Financial spokes are unfulfilling.

Consider another question. 

  • Is there one area where you think you’re not supposed to be successful?
  • Where you feel “weak” or incapable?

Identifying Your Performance in ALL Areas

The purpose of the Wheel of Life is to identify your Performance in ALL areas of life and try to even out the wheel. Imagine if the Wheel of Life were an actual wheel; would your uneven spokes suffice on your car or bike?

Before moving on with the “PRINCE”-iples of Success Pt. 4, I want you to take some time to look at your Wheel of Life and identify which areas you can improve and which may be overshadowing the rest.

Meaningful change takes dedication, persistence and hard work, but I PROMISE the payoff will be so worth it!

Next week, in our last post of the “PRINCE”-iples of Success series, we’ll pull all the puzzle pieces together with the final 3 “PRINCE”-iples.

Remember — if you haven’t looked back at pt. 1 and pt. 2, have a look now:

The “PRINCE”-iples of Success Pt. 1: Passion & Purpose

The “PRINCE”-iples of Success Pt. 2: 6 Questions

What do you think of the “PRINCE”-iples so far? Are things starting to add up? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Article Name
The "PRINCE"-iples of Success Pt. 3: Priorities & Performance
Performance isn’t defined by one specific area of your life, and that’s because you are more than just your career or your family or your finances and so on. You are a conglomerate of all those things and more!

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