balance is the key to happiness and the good life

8 Dec, 2014 Personal Development

It is often said that balance is the key to happiness and the good life. When related to self-esteem, most of us are aware that we fill our lives with activities and obligations for others without thinking about ourselves and what we may need. There is a way to take care of yourself while also helping others.

A lot of people, mostly good friends, have asked me through the years, “How do you do it? How do you manage a full time, very imeconsuming job that includes travel, while raising two kids? How do you fit everything else in as well—exercise, kids’ sporting events, church activities, family get-togethers, birthday parties (not to mention your relationship with your husband)?”
Usually I joke back, “NOT VERY WELL!”

The truth is, I got really good at juggling. I figured out how to have balance in my crazy life and not drop the “balls in the air.”

To be honest, I didn’t even realize I had a lot on my plate until friends, who didn’t work or didn’t have kids, pointed it out to me. It was all I knew, so that was normal for me.

When I see a mom with triplets, I find myself asking how on earth she survives, taking care of three kids the same age! I’m exasperated just thinking about it. The typical response from the mom is usually, “I don’t know any better, so I just adjust.” In other words, they don’t know what it’s like to have one child versus having three to raise at the same time. They manage just fine with three, because it’s the only way they know.

That’s how I see myself sometimes. I’ve never really known it any other way so it’s seems normal to me to work at balancing my life. I’ve always liked to be busy. In fact, I think I’m at my best when I have many things to juggle. I much prefer juggling to being lazy.

However, because of my ability to multi-task and keep my balance while managing a heavy schedule, I can also spread myself too thin at times. Over the years, I’ve recognized this and have worked very hard to maintain balance.

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