Highlights of Our June 2019 Book Bound Event!

27 Jun, 2019 Book Writing

We were delighted to celebrate another successful Book Bound event with plenty of smiles, laughter, and knowledge to go around. This most recent Book Bound event had a wonderful mix of new writers as well as Book Bound alumni and now-published authors. They all generously shared their own experiences and advice on how to get your signature story out of your head, and into the world.

The end result was a wealth of invaluable information that steeped into every corner of Book Bound. This information also filled in the gaps for some of our new attendees’ most pressing questions.

A Wealth of Information and Sharing at the June 2019 Book Bound












Many people have a story they need to share, and a book swimming around in their brain waiting to get written. However, getting that story onto paper can be understandably intimidating, not to mention finding a clear path from idea to publishing success. But our June Book Bound event was able to provide these detailed guidelines, and so much more.


Wondering what you missed, (besides a whole lot of fun)? Here are just a few of the questions that Book Bound was able to successfully answer….

  • What are the exact steps in the publishing process, from prewriting to the final touches of your book’s design?
  • How do you leverage your author status to enhance your income, even if you just write a single chapter in a book, or publish a mini or business card book?
  • How can you boost your status, your business, and your notoriety as an expert author?
  • What do you need to know about other publishing mediums, like audiobooks?
  • What type of book should you write, and what routes are available to you as an author? (Like creating a journal that is easy to write, easy to read, but which can reap similar personal, professional, and financial rewards)?
  • What are the nitty gritty details of publishing, such as the options that are available to you as a new author, or how to obtain the necessary specifics, like an ISBN or International Standard Book Number?
  • How can you stay motivated, and why should you share your story with the world?

Community and Connection









In the end, all of our Book Bound newcomers left with new friends, a new sense of confidence, and a concrete outline on the achievable next steps to making their mark on the literary world – which means that our June Book Bound was a definite and quantifiable success!

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We’re so glad that so many people enjoyed our June Book Bound. And we hope to see you again at our January event in Florida! In the meantime, check out Book Bound Online. You’ll get a jump start on transforming your story into an inspiring book to share for years to come.

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Highlights of Our June 2019 Book Bound Event!
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