Highlights from the January 2020 Book Bound By The Sea

30 Mar, 2020 Getting Published

Our January 2020 Book Bound By The Sea event took place in sunny Florida. In light of the world’s current situation, we are so grateful we had this special opportunity together. We had an amazing group during this 3 day workshop that provided inspiration, insight, and a chance for our attendees to get their stories out of their heads and on to paper!

And we were delighted to have so many first-timers, as well as a few familiar faces, to share ideas and experiences. As always, we collectively came up with new ways to shift our thinking in more ways than one.

We covered everything from new and valuable resources for publishing a book, to mind mapping that helps put all those scattered thoughts into a clearer and relatable perspective. We were truly lucky to come together as a team, and learn from each other every step of the way!

I was delighted to share this experience with our Book Bound attendees. However, if you were unable to attend our January event, (or need a little inspiration right now to jump start your creative muscles), here are a few key takeaways shared after our immersive workshop was over.

Key Takeaways from Our Recent Book Bound By The Sea

Your story matters now!


“I’ve always been a perfectionist, and always thought I needed to have a big experience at the end – but it’s not about the ending, it’s about the journey!”


It’s easy to think that you need to have a huge and groundbreaking life event in order to create a powerful and thoughtful story that folks will want to read

But when it comes right down to it, you don’t have to climb Mt. Everest, be a celebrity, or create the next amazing invention to be a published author. In fact, if you think about the stories you remember and that inspired you over the years, chances are that they were written by folks just like you. The idea is that we all have similar and relatable experiences.

So ignore any doubt that your story isn’t good enough, or that you haven’t lived enough to create an incredible book. Your story matters NOW, and the best time to start writing and get your story on paper is the present!


A great community can be a great inspiration!


“I loved the community we created in the workshop – everyone is genuine and authentic, and so inspiring!


It’s hard to replicate the sense of community and uplifting support that we found at our most recent Book Bound by the Sea event. But you can find your own community to lift you up when you need a boost close to home!

Virtually every corner of the world has resources for writers who need a little group support, through writing workshops or reading clubs. Plus you can also find plenty of inspiring writers groups online to help connect with other authors who share the same struggles as you.

So when it comes to finding your voice and your story, you don’t have to go it alone. A group of caring and supportive fellow writers can do a world of good for finding inspiration!


When it comes to your book, there’s no “right way” to write!


“I thought I had to have a hard cover, thick book that was expertly published. Now, I realize there are a lot of resources available, and so many different avenues out there!”


This is a common belief, and for good reason! For hundreds of years, the only way to get your story into the hands of readers was to find a traditional publishing house. And even then an editor would set parameters on what – and how – you should write.

But this is certainly no longer the case! Your story doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages. Plus you don’t have to be in an exclusive group that traditional publishers sign on annually to get your book in front of an audience.

There are countless ways to share your story, from partner publishers, to self-publishing and online options. All you have to do is get writing. After determining the best and affordable route for you to publish, your own story and book will find its audience.


Writing a book does a world of good, in more ways than one!



“I thought I was coming here to remember my dream of finishing my book, but actually it inspired me in so many different areas of my business… I’m on fire now! I can really see the vision and the plan.”



Just start writing every day, and really thinking about your story and what you want to accomplish. Doing so will open up your mind in more ways than one.

At our workshop, our attendees found that they could apply the lessons we learned outside of the publishing process. As such, we discovered ways to let go of negativity and find our best paths forward.

You’ll likely uncover a similar experience as you keep writing. It’s because the practice of writing has been found to be therapeutic and universally beneficial to your brain. So set aside a little time to write every single day, and reap the benefits while crafting your story!


No matter where you are, you can share your story!



“It’s an amazing workshop for everybody, for all levels, wherever you are in life.”



You don’t have to be a trained writer or a literary expert to start writing and to share your story! Every established author in the world got their start somewhere. In addition, all authors have backgrounds and experiences that make their story wholly unique.


So while you may have missed out on the camaraderie of our January Book Bound by the Sea event, there are plenty more opportunities on the horizon! We’ll have more online resources, blogs, and other materials coming your way in the future. So in the meantime, keep writing!

The only way to get your story out of your head is to begin, so take a bit of inspiration from our workshop and move forward! By writing daily, and focusing on your book, you’ll find a sense of joy and accomplishment that is instrumental in every aspect of life.


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Highlights from the January 2020 Book Bound By The Sea
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