Upcoming Book Bound By The Sea for 2020

14 Jan, 2020 Personal Development

2020 is officially in full swing! And now is the perfect time to take stock of the year ahead, and to determine the best routes to make this your most successful year yet. And it just might start by attending our Book Bound By The Sea workshop weekend.

Before we begin, here are the key questions to ask yourself:

What Do You Want, and What’s Holding You Back?

Is this the year that:

  • you’ll grow your business and your career?
  • you’ll finally share your story and leave a mark on the world?
  • you expand your income by finding brand new revenue streams as a consultant or speaker?

Want the answer to any of the above questions to be a definitive yes? Then it’s time to sign up for our upcoming Book Bound By the Sea Event.

Many would-be authors never make the transition from dreaming about writing a book to reality, simply because the process can seem initially daunting.

You have to know how to write your best book possible, starting with a concrete and easy-to-follow outline, and continuing with having the motivation to keep moving forward until you reach the last page.

You also need to know your optimal options for publishing your finished book. So whether it’s through a traditional literary agent or publishing house, through self-publishing, or through a modern avenue like a partner publisher, there is much to know. And, most importantly, you need to be assured that your story matters so that you will find the inspiration to make a difference in the literary world!


Been Wanting to Share Your Story? Start Here at Book Bound By The Sea 2020

2020 offers a fresh new start and a brand new opportunity to finally write your book. And if you’re nervous about becoming a new author, remember that positioning yourself as an author and a voice of “author”-ity can have a realm of benefits outside of straightforward book sales.

These potential and lengthy list of benefits include…

  • The opportunity to further your career by establishing yourself as a powerful expert on your topic or subject of choice.
  • The chance to grow your business by creating a highly valuable business card book as an effective marketing tool.
  • The chance to parlay your status as an author into new income-enhancing opportunities, such as engagements as a public speaker, consultant, or even a writing coach.
  • An opportunity to share your personal story with the world, and make a difference to people who have faced obstacles just like yours!
  • A legacy that you can be proud of for years to come – after all, you’re on the verge of becoming a published author with a real book on the shelves!


Own a business? Start here for growth in 2020

If you’ve ever dreamed of expanding your business or career, or just want to finally find that extra inspiration to put your words to paper, this is your opportunity.

Everyone who attends our Book Bound By the Sea events leave with a newfound plan of action. They are encouraged, inspired, and fully prepared to take the concrete next steps to transforming their thoughts into a successful and marketable book, and now it’s your turn!

Join me in Florida on January 24-26 for “Book Bound By the Sea,” and we’ll work together to get your story out of your head and onto paper. Spots are filling up quickly, so if this is your year to shine, don’t wait – your opportunity is waiting.

Everyone needs a little guidance when they are exploring an exciting new career path or project like writing a book. And at Book Bound, you’ll acquire all the tools you’ll need to stop holding back, and start writing.

Remember that you do have the ability to make a huge difference! Whether you want to share your personal story, or use a shorter Business Card Book to open new doors to success, a book can provide a lot of power to your future goals and ambitions.

Don’t let 2020 be another year where you only dream about your potential successes but you end up leaving action by the wayside. With our Book Bound by the Sea Florida session occurring soon, this is an ideal time to take the reins and take a huge step forward that will echo throughout the rest of the year, and beyond.


Ready to Get Started? Then Don’t Hold Back!

Sign up here for our Book Bound by the Sea Event today, and let’s work together to make 2020 the year you take a huge step forward.



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Upcoming Book Bound by The Sea for 2020
What's new in 2020? YOU could become an author! Attend our Book Bound by the Sea this month and see what could be in store for your in 2020!

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