don’t beat yourself up

13 Dec, 2014 Productivity

don’t beat yourself up about past procrastination. There are some people that have totally taken the past and made that their future, meaning they made some bad choices. They procrastinated. Maybe they lost an opportunity because they didn’t take action, and they’re convinced they’re horrible because they procrastinated.

You have to really forgive yourself.You’re going to be less likely to procrastinate on future tasks if you forgive yourself for what happened in the past. That means just making a promise to change your future behavior. Maybe you could say, “I didn’t go to college,” or, “I didn’t take the opportunities that I needed to back them. I procrastinated my life away.” Well, okay, that may have happened, but moving forward, you’re never going to do it again.

You see…in our tests are our testimonies. I say this a lot. And in your mess is your message. So maybe you procrastinated something that made a mess of your life. Okay, great. Move on. In that mess, somehow, there will be a message that you will either learn or that you will teach someone else, and it will all make sense at some point. But, forgive yourself. Move on. We’re all procrastinators at some point in our life.

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