If You Can Manage These Steps, You Can Publish A Book!

15 Aug, 2018 Book Writing,Getting Published

For most soon-to-be authors, that actual writing is the most difficult part. At the same time, it’s also the most rewarding!


But, whether you believe it or not, writing a book is actually a fairly easy process, IF you have the recipe. Think of it like baking chocolate chip cookies. If you have all the ingredients, and know how to put them together, anyone can do it!


Part of this recipe is overcoming the misconception that it’s as simple as sitting down with a blank sheet of paper one fine day and suddenly getting all the inspiration you need to pen a book.


In reality, A LOT of thought and preparation goes into the process. It can be heart-wrenching and seemingly impossible at times, but every step along the way is EXACTLY what you need to get your story out!


Although the stages in the writing process may vary from person to person, most of the stages are similar.


The Steps for Writing Your Book


Start with research.

It is very important to gather ideas about the subject of the book first and then put all the bits and pieces together towards the end. This step will help you decide what to include, what to leave out and what your overall topic looks like.


The research might take the longest time, but it might also be the most exciting part: as you discover so many new things to incorporate!



Create the first draft.

Just get to writing!


Don’t hold back. Let the words flow and see what you come up with. Don’t worry about typos or editing just yet. The main point is to get as much down as possible, so you have more to work with in later stages.



Proofread your draft.

This isn’t the full-on editing phase, just a preliminary step to see if you missed any ideas, repeated yourself, or are on the right track.


Be patient with yourself and know that it’s only going to get better from here!



Ask some extra eyes on your draft.

It’s really up to you who you ask to review your draft. It could be a loved one, colleague, peer, mentor or even a writing critique group. Remember, once your book is published, it’s going to be seen by TONS of people, so don’t be shy when sharing your draft.


The more input, the better!



Consider the feedback and edit.

It is important to think about the positive and negative criticisms you’ve received, and then apply any changes as you feel necessary.


Remember, criticism doesn’t mean your writing is bad — everyone has room for improvement!



Go for another round of critiques.

Can any further changes be made?

Once you’ve done that, your final draft is ready for professional editing.



Now What?

Everything you need to write, edit, publish and market your book can be learned at my 3-day live event, Book Bound By The Sea.


It’s time to stop dreaming about becoming a published author and finally make it a reality! I know you have a story, and your story matters.


Bring clarity to your writing, and take your book from thought process to the hands of your readers!


Are you ready to become an author?




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If You Can Manage These Steps, You Can Publish A Book!
Have you ever thought about writing a book to share your story? Find out here why writing and even publishing a book is not as hard or impossible as it seems.

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