How to Hire a Motivational Speaker

10 Jun, 2021 General,Motivational Speaking

Businesses and companies of all sizes can sometimes find themselves in a bit of a rut. A great way to boost morale, foster productivity, and generate a new sense of employee satisfaction and purpose is to look outside for a little help.

A motivational speaker is a great way to generate a big boost, and they can do a world of good for organizations of all varieties. From privately-owned companies to social clubs or non-profit endeavors, anyone can benefit from a little encouragement and inspiration to perform at their best, regardless of the group’s eventual goal.

With that being said, finding and hiring a motivational speaker can be a bit of a tricky endeavor for folks who have never done so before. After all, no two speakers or personalities are identical. Furthermore, considering that there are countless speaker options all over the country and the world, it can be challenging to narrow down such a broad field to someone who perfectly meshes with your organization’s goals and values.

So, before you get started on finding and enlisting a motivational speaker, consider the following tips and strategies. They will help ensure that the speaker you select is a great fit and will have long-lasting impacts on your company or organization’s morale and overall success.


First, Define Why You Want a Motivational Speaker

The first and most important question you need to ask is why you want to enlist the help of a motivational speaker, to begin with. A motivational speaker can serve a wide range of purposes when it comes to long-term goals. So, it helps to define these goals early on so you’ll know what to ask for, as well as what to expect from your eventual hire.

Here are just a few reasons why organizations of all sizes might turn to a motivational speaker for assistance to:

  • Educate team members and staff about specific topics
  • Motivate the audience
  • Shift or change behavior into new and productive ways
  • Initiative a big change, such as company growth
  • Raise funds for an organization
  • Promote a cause or endeavor
  • Entertain and raise spirits
  • Promote employee retention or generate new volunteers


It also helps to take these larger goals and narrow them down. For example, if your general goal is to motivate your staff or team members, you can start with that larger ideal. Then narrow it down to “I want my employees to be happy at work, but I also want them to be more proactive at coming up with initiatives and ideas that will help our business grow.”

Spell out these specific goals, and have them handy. So, when you chat with your perspective motivational speakers, you’ll already have a clear-cut set of guidelines that they can follow when speaking to your group.


Next, Determine Your Demographic

Remember that every motivational speaker is different and has their own unique style to leave an impact. So, you’ll want to find a speaker that meshes with your specific audience.

For example, if you want to inspire your employees in all departments, then you’ll want a speaker that can appeal to all types of people instead of individuals in a specialized or technical field. On the other hand, if you’re going to educate a group on a very specific topic or two, then you’ll want a speaker with ample background and familiarity with your business.

Also, remember that you don’t have to be hosting a grand event or conference with hundreds or thousands of attendees to enjoy the benefits of a motivational speaker. Small groups can benefit from a boost of inspiration just as much as large crowds in auditoriums. You just need to find the right speaker for your audience size to generate the most value.


Peruse Reviews and Ask for Feedback

You wouldn’t hire a new employee without asking for references, and the same theory applies to motivational speakers, as well! So, before you hire a speaker for your organization, search the web for reviews on their past conferences or events. Or ask them for folks you can contact to generate feedback on what to expect. This way, you’ll be perfectly sure that your preferred motivational speaker and your ultimate goals perfectly align.


Pick a Date and Plan Ahead

Speakers are often booked months in advance. So, plan as far in advance as possible for your speaking engagement and event. This will allows both the person you hire and your audience to have ample time to prepare.

Pick a date where most folks are generally available to attend and where there are as few in-hose or outside conflicts as possible. (For example, avoid times around the holidays when many people travel or are out of town.) Determining a date ahead of time will ensure that you have the largest audience possible, leading to the biggest benefits.

Assess and Discuss for Best Results

After your motivational speaker event, you’ll want to make sure that the inspiration sticks. So, carve out a little time afterward to discuss with your team, staff, or other attendees what they learned from the presentation. This is also a great way to gauge your motivational speaker’s effectiveness. And allow the audience to think about what they learned and how they can use this new information going forward, which can have wonderful long-range benefits.

Above all else, do your research. And if you’re a little hesitant about hiring a motivational speaker, don’t be afraid to try something new. A motivational speaker can be a massive boost to any company or group.

This is because sometimes you need a little outside perspective and input to take the next steps forward. Suitable for any size or style of business or organization, hiring a motivational speaker can be a great way to jump-start long-term goals while providing a little motivation for everyone you work and connect with.

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How to Hire a Motivational Speaker
A motivational speaker is a great way to generate a big boost and does a world of good for organizations. Read on to learn more!

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