Balance produces harmony, and harmony is peace

22 Dec, 2014 Personal Development

Balance produces harmony, and harmony is peace. Peace is ultimately what brings us joy in life. It’s all connected, but it starts with making the decision to balance out our lives first. How often do we do things that we don’t want to—but feel we have to?

How often do you accept party invitations or work projects that you’re too busy to fulfill? You do them because you feel you “should” or because you don’t want to disappoint someone.

How many times has someone asked you to help her with moving, or watching her kids, or running an errand for her, when you really didn’t have the time to add this to your own to-do list? (You just couldn’t say no!)

If you’re like me, you’ve probably said “yes” too many times. If you are too busy “being busy,” you might be missing out on just the thing that could make your life happy.

This is why it’s good to write down one important action item per day in each area. If you run out of time after you’ve done all of the important things, then you know where and when to say “no.”

Everyone has their own definition of balance; what is right for others may not be right for you. Evaluate each area of your life to determine what you would like to change or improve, and where you would like to direct more attention or focus.

Begin today by taking inventory of where you spend your time and energy. Then ask yourself how this list lines up with your core beliefs and long-term goals. You’ll know immediately where to make those changes and begin on the path to life balance.


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