A Celebration of Female Ambition

8 May, 2018 Personal Development,Success

Recently, the topic of female ambition has come into the spotlight, namely due to the #EmbraceAmbition campaign, spearheaded by world-famous fashion and lifestyle designer, Tory Burch.


Burch tells a story of the early days in her career where the word “ambition” used to annoy her. In her words, it was often given as a “compliment for men and a criticism for women.”


A Study of Women’s Ambition


Turns out, according to a Harvard study, Burch was on to something!


The study indicated that an overwhelming majority of female MBA students (especially those who were single) often downplayed their ambition and desire for more senior leadership positions, as compared to their male peers.


Burch’s push for more women (and men) to embrace female ambition has taken the internet by storm, and is pushing more women around the world to strive for their goals, and step into their greatness.


As you can imagine, I LOVE this message! As a female business owner, entrepreneur, mother and wife, ambition has been at the core of my being since I started my career in my early 20’s.


I’m sure many women can relate to the feeling of being stigmatized when it comes to the idea of “having it all.” For a man, having a successful career and a happy family is perceived as absolutely normal; for a woman, it is oftentimes expected that she must choose one or the other.


Luckily for me, I’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by family, friends, peers and mentors who are unrelenting in their support and encouragement for all my ambitions, both personal and professional.


Yet, I recognize that not every woman, for one reason or another, has been in my same shoes.


In the spirit of the #EmbraceAmbition movement, we’re looking at ways women can feel more empowered and inspired by their divine ambition and perseverance.



Define What Ambition Means to You.

Ambition is often viewed under the lens of professionalism: your career and work experiences.


But you can find ambition anywhere: in your community; your family; your relationships; and your personal sense of self.


To you, ambition may mean caring for your family, taking an active role in your community, and finding personal time for self, spirit and health. Or, ambition may mean starting your own business, hiring a team, being a leader, and serving your clients.


Ambition could even mean writing a book and sharing your story with the world.



Talk about ambition with the women in your life.

Once you’ve explored your own version of ambition, it’s worthwhile to pose the same question to your female friends and loved ones.


A different perspective or perception of what ambition means to them may cause a shift in you. More than likely, you’ll be inspired and motivated by what you’ll learn.


If you or a friend has an ambition that you don’t know how to act on or need support in, become accountability partners. Active accountability and support can bring you much closer to your goals than going at it alone.



Take the compliment.

Next time someone compliments you on an achievement or success in your life, just take the compliment!


It’s so common for women especially to shoo away compliments or follow them up with a “Thanks, but…”


Truth is, you deserve every kind word sent your way! Just embrace them.



Celebrate ambition in other women.

When you see a fellow female with ambition, drive and passion, let them know! Share in their joy and congratulate them on their success.


Be a positive example for what it means to keep female ambition active, alive, and something to celebrate!



Who is a female role model in your life?


Share this post and shout them out in the comments below!


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A Celebration of Female Ambition
Today, an ambitious woman does not have a negative connotation: read our inspiring piece on celebrating women and all they do, and what ambition really means.

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