Do You Love What You Do?

5 Jul, 2017 Careers,Hobbies and Interests,Personal Development

Loving what you do is called passion. And if you know anything about my blog or brand, you know passion is the bread and butter of my business.

I was lucky enough to discover at a young age:

  • What I’m passionate about
  • What I love to do

And, I’ve been pursuing that passion ever since!

Now the question is, do you love what you do?

I understand passion doesn’t always pay the bills and sometimes you have to make sacrifices just to make ends meet. Some people are in a career they think they love, but still, question whether it is the place for them.

As someone who loves what they do and works with hundreds of others to get them doing what they love, I know the telltale signs of someone who is doing what they love.

This list may be useful for you if you’re looking to change careers or are questioning your current profession:

1. You have a hard time prioritizing.

When you’re in a rut, the problem is not wanting or being able to get started. When you love what you do, the problem becomes focusing on your priorities because you have SO much you’re excited about.

2. You talk about ideas, not people.

Gossip is something people do when they’re bored or unhappy with their circumstances — they’re lacking something in their life and fill the void by trying to bring others down with them.

When you love what you do, you want others to succeed along with you. You get excited about their projects, ideas, business and goals just as much as your own!

3. You see people as people, not assets or resources.

For some people, once they get a taste of success, they stop regarding others as people and start seeing them as “things” to get them where they want to be.

This mindset is not only self-serving but also extremely limiting in the long-run. Passionate people know there is strength in numbers and want to pull people up with them, not stand on their shoulders.

4. You forget about time.

You always hear people saying, “time is relative,” but when you’re stuck in a job you hate, the ticking hands of the clock couldn’t move any slower.

When you’re spending your days doing what you love, you’re probably wishing for more hours in the day, as time just speeds by.

5. You don’t measure success just by money.

Money is an inevitable consideration in your career, especially when you have a family and home to support. We all want financial security, yet some use it as their only measure of success.

When you do what you love, success means more; it means fulfilling your purpose, leaving a legacy, impacting lives and feeling immense gratification, even at the end of a long, busy day.

6. You’re excited for tomorrow.

At the end of a particularly grueling day, do you go home already dreading the next work day, or are you excited to tackle your to-do list and keep the momentum going? When you love what you do, work doesn’t feel like work.

I know you’re a winner, but do you? Everyone deserves to do what they lovelet me help you make your dreams a reality and pursue your passion.

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Article Name
Do You Love What You Do?
Do you love what you do or are just trying to get by? Check out these telltale signs that you’re in the right career or if it may be time for a switch.

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