5 Ways to Build Your UNIQUE Platform

11 May, 2017 Personal Development

If you don’t have a platform, there’s no way for people to know about you.

If people don’t know about you, you can’t change their lives or leave a legacy. Check out my recent post on Platforms, Prosperity & Peace.

Your platform doesn’t have to be a stage or a website. It could be your book, business, invention or simply your community involvement, role as a parent or mentor.

Find your passion, to find your platform. Your passion will inform your platform.

Since your platform is essentially how you reach people, you need to understand who you’re reaching and for what reason.

Now, to get more specific on building your unique platform.

1. Define your message.

Your message is the experience you want to instill on any individual encountering your brand.

Your core message will influence everything you do, from what you write, to how you speak, to how you interact with clients.

Your can also think of your message as your purpose or “why.”

2. Create a brand image.

Your brand has a lot to do with visuals, including color, design, aesthetic and so on. To create a memorable brand, it must be consistent.

Your branding strategy should also be in line with your core message. For example, if you’re a meditation counselor and your color scheme is dark red and black, your message is not consistent with your brand image.

3. Build a network.

You already have a network: your family, friends, peers and colleagues. Use your established network as a building block, by asking them to share your message.

A great way to build your network and make genuine connections is by always showing interest in other people.

Rather than maintaining the mindset of how another can help you, consider how you may work together or how you can help them.

4. Stay connected.

Stay engaged with your network in whatever way makes sense to you. If you’re a writer, blog regularly and encourage dialogue with your readers.

If you’re a business owner, reach out to your clients and partners and get their take on how things are going.

5. Commit to your message.

Once new opportunities start coming your way, there will inevitably be a few that do not adhere to your message.

It may be tempting when you see a quicker route to success, but remember your passion and purpose, then ask yourself if you’re staying true to you.

Don’t be afraid to switch up the status quo, if your priorities shift, but never compromise your core message.

How will you build your platform? From experience, I can say authorship is an amazing way to build a platform and leverage credibility in your industry. Learn more about becoming an author.

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5 Ways to Build Your UNIQUE Platform
Find your passion, to find your platform. Your passion will inform your platform. Now, to get more specific on building your unique platform.

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