It’s Time For a Mental Spring Cleaning!

28 Mar, 2018 Health and Fitness,Self Improvement

This spring, I’m challenging you to a mental spring cleaning.

Why should tidying up be limited to just our homes?

Think of how great it feels to come home to a clean, sparkling home: the floors are clean; beds are made; dishes put away; everything is exactly where it belongs. Now, let’s get to that same point with our mental and emotional states.

Our minds are very similar to our homes.

We compartmentalize different emotions and thoughts, as we would our belongings, into various rooms. Some things get swept under the rug, while others are on full display for us to contemplate and mull over day in and day out.

It’s time to pull all that mental clutter out of the closets, from under the bed and buried deep within the corners of your mind.

Go into spring with a clear mind and fresh perspective!

Here are some of my favorite tips for emotional decluttering and mental spring cleaning:


1. Forgive Yourself!

We all have things we wish we’d done better or the “right” way. It can feel like a failure when something doesn’t go as we planned, or we don’t perform to a certain expectation.

More often than not, we are our own worst enemies.

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “I’m not good enough” or “Why can’t I be like this or like this?”

I certainly have, and it doesn’t feel good!

When I get in a negative mood, I ask myself: would I ever speak to a friend or loved one the way I speak to myself?

The answer is always “no!”

Let go of whatever burden you’re carrying, that one thing for which you still can’t forgive yourself. Let’s turn the page to a new chapter and let the past be the past.


2. Let Go of Any Resentment.

Give up the grudge! Whatever it is, just let it go.

You may have a very good and valid reason to be angry or annoyed with someone, but what is that negative energy really doing for you?

Does it make you feel good to be upset about the wrong someone else did to you?

Does it make your day brighter and more productive to stew over a blowout with a friend or unkind remark from a colleague?

Emotions, especially negative emotions, are very similar to physical symptoms like having a cold or the flu. Being angry with someone else for months on end is like having a cold for months. It’s time to let your body emotionally heal.

If for no other reason, do it for your own mental wellbeing.


3. Say You’re Sorry.

Is something weighing heavy on your heart?

Maybe it’s been months since you spoke with your best friend after a disagreement, or maybe you’re giving your spouse the cold shoulder because of one thing or another.

Whatever it is, feeling unsettled is weighing heavy on your heart. Clear the air and offer an apology.

Hug it out! Let it go! Move on and get stronger, together.

If you feel like an apology is due, you’re probably right. Remove your ego from the situation and offer a sincere apology.

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Do you have more ideas on mental spring cleaning? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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It's Time For a Mental Spring Cleaning!
Your house might be clean, but are your heart and mind? Read some ideas for de-cluttering your spirit, and experience a fresh new start this spring.

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