Organization Products That Don’t Break the Bank

26 Apr, 2017 Personal Development

Maintaining an organized, clutter-free home and workspace will invite an equally organized and clutter-free headspace.

It’s that time of year again: spring cleaning. Before you begin to unpack your mental clutter and reaffirm your goals and ambitions for the remainder of 2017, why not tackle the physical clutter that may be piling up in your home.

Not to fear — organization doesn’t have to break the bank! We’ve got eight organization products accessible to any budget.

1. Cord Manager

Cord Manager

This nifty gadget promises you’ll never have to struggle with tangled headphones again!

Next time you’re hurrying to jump on a call or head out to the gym, rejoice in the fact you won’t have to spend time fumbling with your headphones.

The cord manager is also a perfect travel companion that doesn’t take up hardly any space.

2. Cable Organizer

Cable Organizer

A cable organizer is a must-have for removing cluttered, tangled cords from your desk. Easily slot each cord into its place, so they don’t slide off your desk.

You may even consider labeling each slot for a truly “professional,” organizational touch.

3. Adjustable Drawer Dividers

Adjustable Drawer Dividers

These handy dividers work great for any area of your home. I recommend installing a few in your desk drawers to keep your office supplies tidy.

Nothing is more obnoxious than opening a drawer in search of an item, only to come up empty-handed after much rummaging around. Tidy your space, tidy your mind!

4. Outlet Shelf

Outlet Shelf

This shelf is one of those tools you didn’t realize you needed until you saw it! The outlet shelf is perfect for propping up small devices or giving them a place to lay while they charge, without fear of setting it on the ground or dangling precariously.

5. Drawer Organizer

Drawer Organizer

If you want to get super meticulous with your organizing, try a drawer organizer. Every tiny thing has its own home and let’s face it — it looks pretty darn cute! Organizing sure can be a satisfying pastime…

6. Mini Filing Cabinet

Mini Filing Cabinet

This one is so neat! It’s the perfect size for storing business cards or contact details.

If you’re prone to scribbling down notes on tiny bits of paper, the mini filing cabinet can work as a perfect storage unit for your bits of inspiration.

7. Accordion Collator

Accordion Collator

Most documents you can file away and never look at till you need them again. 

Others are best kept within reach, yet you don’t need endless stacks of paper piling up on your desk.

The accordion collator keeps your files neat and tidy while looking quite sleek on your desk.

8. Junk Drawer

No matter how much you organize your things and try to put them in the right home, inevitably a few items fall into the “miscellaneous” category.

Junk drawers get a bad rap, but they’re just as necessary as any space. Better to tuck loose items in a junk drawer than sprawl them randomly throughout your home.

One word of advice: aim to clear out your junk drawer every so often and don’t use it as an excuse not to put things where they belong.

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Organization Products That Don't Break the Bank
Maintaining an organized, clutter-free home and workspace will invite an equally organized and clutter-free headspace.

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