The Single, Present Purpose We All Share

27 Apr, 2018 Personal Development,Self Improvement

I talk a lot about purpose on my blog because I truly believe it is the most important thing an individual can discover for themselves.

When it comes to purpose, I believe we all have something unique and individual to contribute to the world. How you impact the lives of others and leave a legacy will not be the same as your partner, your neighbor, your friend or someone halfway across the world!

You are uniquely you, so your purpose must also be uniquely your own.

However, all humans share a singular purpose that we can all strive towards each and every day.

That purpose is presence. In other words, to live in the NOW.

Your purpose is the moment you are living in. It is the now.

You may be thinking, “how can my purpose just be now? Shouldn’t my purpose be the legacy I will leave for years to come? What about the difference I can make in the next week, month or year — isn’t that my purpose, too?”

The answer is yes and no.


How to Live in the Now

Yes, your purpose to serve others and leave a legacy are lasting, but they are only achieved by what you do NOW. There is no other moment to change the world, impact a life or accomplish anything than the moment you find yourself in, in the present.

We spend so much time thinking about tomorrow and dwelling on the future. But, guess what?

The future never arrives!

Only in the now can you change a life, make a difference, pursue your passion and leave a legacy.

The future is a figment of our imagination because it’s nothing we can ever grab hold of. You can never experience the future or live in the future — all you have is right now.

So that’s your purpose: to give the present moment everything you’ve got!

Fill each moment with passion and love. Live as if RIGHT NOW is all you’ll get — how do you choose to spend your time?

Let’s call it your “present purpose.”


Your Present Purpose

Your present purpose will often be something small, like having a conversation with your child.

Have you ever caught yourself loading the dishwasher, sorting the mail or running a load of laundry while talking to your child?

In that moment, are you giving everything you’ve got to them? Probably not, because as you multitask, you’re locked into a future outcome: getting the dishwasher loaded, paying a bill or cleaning your clothes.

While you try to divide your attention between two VERY different tasks, you’re giving neither your full, undivided attention or effort.

The great thing about your present purpose is the simplicity it brings to your life. Not only that, but you’ll find the more you live your present purpose, the better you will do every little thing in your life.

When your pure, undivided attention is on just ONE thing, you’re able to do it with excellence.

My challenge to you today, and every moment after, is to live in the NOW.


Stop worrying so much about what comes next or what you’ll do next — just be in the moment and do each thing with excellence.

Spread the word and tell a loved one about our shared purpose.



How have you recently shared your present purpose? Tell us in the comments below! We love to hear from you!


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The Single Purpose We All Share
We will find true happiness when we find our purpose. Yet we all can share a present purpose, which will make others happy to: living in the NOW.

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