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14 Signs of Emotional Intelligence Every Business Owner and Writer Needs

14 Apr, 2017 , , , ,

Emotional intelligence is an effectively intangible trait, yet its effects couldn’t be more relevant. ` In fact, 90% of top performers have outstanding emotional intelligence. Some tests offer scientific, quantifiable data to access emotional intelligence (EQ), but such tests usually come at a cost. Instead, here are surefire behaviors, pointing in the direction of high […]

The Branding Psychology of Your Color Palette

11 Apr, 2017 , , ,

The color palette of your book or brand is an important symbol of what your brand stands for. Before even reading the words, readers and clients will form conscious and subconscious associations with the colors you choose. In fact, over 90% of shoppers make a decision based on color and visual aesthetics! Make sure your […]

Life can change quickly

12 Feb, 2015 , ,

I never consciously thought to myself that I was waiting, and it’s not like I was sitting around waiting for a fairy Godmother with a magical wand to come hit me over the head and say, “Okay, now you’re ready. Now you can start writing.” It wasn’t like that, of course, and it’s not that […]

Love yourself!

3 Feb, 2015 , , ,

In the Bible, Mark 12:31 states “Love your neighbor as yourself”. This is a beautiful verse and one that can help us have more love in our life but, I believe we interpret this all wrong. Some interpret this wisdom by beginning with their neighbor and excluding themselves in the phrase, “Love your neighbor.” Period. […]

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