Someone Already Wrote My Book! Now What?

8 Feb, 2018 Book Writing,Books and Literature

I get this from authors A LOT:

“I have an idea for a book, but it’s already been done a hundred times!”


“I want to write a book, but I’m not an expert. Who would want to hear from me?”

A great example comes to mind…


Only You Can Start Your Book

On the first day of “Book Bound”, everyone goes around the room and introduces themselves and tells the group why they’re there.

Some already have a book idea and are just looking for direction; some come for the community and great network of like-minded people; believe it or not, some people don’t even know why they’re there — they just felt called to come to “Book Bound.”

A first-time “Book Bounder” stood up and told the group he had an idea for a book on Sales Training, but was concerned his book wouldn’t be unique enough. He pointed out there are thousands (if not more) books available on Sales Training — who would pick up his book?

Towards the end of the day, we all shared our first “aha” moments — the moment when a lightbulb goes off or a new idea finally breaks through.

That same man stood up and said, “Michelle, I know what’s going to make my book different. And, it’s me!”

So, what if your book topic has been written before? No one has your unique experiences or perspective. No one has walked this earth in your shoes and seen what you’ve seen from your individual vantage point.

THAT is what will set your book apart.


There Is No Original Thought

Sounds strange, right? But, hear me out.

No one invented sales training or real estate training or even book-writing. The good news is there’s no single “right” way to talk about it.

Even if you share an idea, theme or topic with hundreds of other authors, it is still yours, and you can use your unique experiences and voice to make it stand out from the crowd.


Use Your Unique Voice

The way you write and the way you speak are different, but not all that different.

Many authors have a hard time writing because they think they need to sound a certain way or “write like an author.” Remember, the thing that’s going to make your book special is using your special talents and voice to differentiate yourself.

Try writing like you speak, or record yourself speaking and transcribe your thoughts later. This will ensure you’re sticking to your true voice — the thing that makes you special!


Just Start Writing!

It’s easy to have a million excuses NOT to write, but I can give you just one reason to write that tops all the rest: you have a story and your story MATTERS.

Your story is within you. It is your past, your present and your future, and there’s someone out there who needs your story. What if you had the perfect solution to someone’s problem, but they never heard it because you didn’t share your story?

Find a place that inspires you, where you are comfortable and where your creative juices can flow, and JUST START WRITING!


We Want to Help You Share Your Story

It’s time to get your book out of your head and onto paper.

“Book Bound Online” can help! In over 14 online modules, you’ll learn how to write, publish and market your book, so the world can hear your story.


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Someone Already Wrote MY Book! Now What?
Think your story is not unique enough to write a book? Think again.. because you are unique! Therefore your story is too. Find out how you can start your book journey.

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