Happiness Is Not Magic: The Gratitude Flip-Switch

2 Aug, 2018 Personal Development,Self Improvement

There are so many things to complain about in life…finances, your job, your kids, etc. And, while there may be legitimate reasons to complain about your situation, complaining will never make it better.


Think about some of the most profound stories you read in the news. Or the most moving memoirs where the “victim” tells about the deep struggles of their life and how they pulled themselves up by the bootstraps, dusted themselves off, and made a better life.


These stories move us because the ability to overcome adversity, see the good, and be profoundly grateful for what we DO have rather than what we lack, is inspiring.


No one wants to hear about the perpetual negative Nancy who, no matter what, always seems to be “wronged’ by the world, the forever victim.



Turning the Negative into Positive: It’s Difficult But Not Impossible


Sure, we all get into moods — it’s completely natural and human. In fact, the occasional down day can help to illuminate and remind us of everything we are blessed by in this life.


Nevertheless, when you find yourself feeling against the world, be grateful!


Be grateful for your co-workers, even though they may drive you crazy. Be grateful for your boss who is hard on you, but also challenges you, and makes you stretch further than you thought you could.


I guarantee if you start being grateful for the things in your life (even the tough ones!), you will experience a wonderful upsurge of new energy.


Suddenly, change is in the air! You might arrive at work one day and notice that you really do enjoy your job and appreciate the uniqueness of your co-workers. You might even think everyone else has changed, but it’s really you who flipped the switch.


What I want to encourage you to do is have an attitude of gratitude. Make the choice to be grateful and happy.



Happiness Will Always Be A Choice


Life is a series of choices.


Sometimes it feels like everything is out of our hands. And, at times, certain things are, like the death of a loved one, a failed relationship, downsizing at work. Yet, in all these instances, your reaction is completely and utterly within your realm of control.


ONLY YOU choose how you react. Whether it be good, bad, indifferent, positive or negative.


Sure, people can influence you, pass on their opinions, emotions and energies, but that doesn’t mean you have to absorb them.


If I asked you to list ten things you’re grateful for, I’m confident even on your worst day, you could come up with a list. Heck, you could probably come up with 20-30 things!


Like I said, it’s all about choices. If you choose gratitude and happiness, your thoughts will gravitate to that mentality even when all signs point in the opposite direction.


Too many folks focus on what’s “wrong”, rather than what is supremely, divinely, beautifully RIGHT in our lives.



So, why not give that flip-switch a try? The alternative is staying exactly where you are. By changing YOUR outlook, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You might even be the light that inspires someone else to flip their switch!


Have you given being grateful a try on a REALLY bad day lately? How did you feel after? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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Happiness Is Not Magic: The Gratitude Flip-Switch
Happiness is not magic; some people are not just ‘born” with it. Here we share how it can only come from choosing to be happy and an attitude of gratitude.

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