Choose a Subject (Fact Or Fiction)

9 Jan, 2015 Book Writing

If you passionate about a particular subject it helps you to be motivated and write the book. More surprisingly, the passion enables you to increase your patience and tenacity. Added benefit is your experience in the matter you choose to write. Passion and experience together makes your book perfect.

How? Well, with passion only, you have a lack of depth and knowledge in the subject matter. If you have experience only, you will soon lose the motivation and the momentum that passion provides you with. For example, lets say I decided to write a book about sales instead of about motivation. I’ve alwasys been in sales and I’m very good at it but I’m not passionate about it. I COULD write the book but I probably never would because I don’t have the motivation to do it.

You need not be THE expert or AN expert; all you need to be is knowledgeable in and passionate about the niche of your writing. You have to tell stories as well as make them saleable. The subject you choose must relate to your target audience.

Your goal should be to change the life of your reader or leave a deep impact in their mind.

Do a lot of self talk. Believe that your story is unique. Create an accountability group. Get coached if it is required but do not wait for people to “declare” you to be an expert. In fact no one does. It is your self confidence and faith that takes you to a new height. Write your book, people will believe in you to the exact degree you believe in yourself. Counsel yourself and make yourself believe that you have information that will change people’s lives.

Dennis Waitley is an inspiration because he wrote the Psychology of Success when depressed, in a horrible relationship, and struggling with bad finances. However he found what could connect him with the readers and writing that book has changed his life and millions of others, I’m sure.

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