Life is a series of choices.

15 Dec, 2014 Personal Development

Doing too much of anything—eating, working, volunteering, exercising, church activities, relaxing even, becomes unhealthy. Each activity recharges or fuels the others. We can compare it to recharging our bodies with meals that are balanced, and that contain all the basic nutrients for giving us the energy we need, while at the same time, preventing the build-up of […]

don’t beat yourself up

13 Dec, 2014 Productivity

don’t beat yourself up about past procrastination. There are some people that have totally taken the past and made that their future, meaning they made some bad choices. They procrastinated. Maybe they lost an opportunity because they didn’t take action, and they’re convinced they’re horrible because they procrastinated. You have to really forgive yourself.You’re going […]

The Writing Process – Part 2

11 Dec, 2014 Book Writing

After applying the changes, and improving patches here and there you can go in for another round of critique and see if any further changes are required. After that you’ll finally have your final draft, then you can go about publishing your book, you can either self-publish it or go for the traditional way of […]

balance is the key to happiness and the good life

8 Dec, 2014 Personal Development

It is often said that balance is the key to happiness and the good life. When related to self-esteem, most of us are aware that we fill our lives with activities and obligations for others without thinking about ourselves and what we may need. There is a way to take care of yourself while also helping […]

Just Do It

6 Dec, 2014 Productivity

We’ve all heard the slogan just do it from Nike. It’s been around for so long. But, if you work on your time, your attitude about the job will change. Once you start, it won’t seem so bad. And, there’s a lot of research on that, and that is all based on goals. There is […]

The Writing Process – Part 1

4 Dec, 2014 Book Writing

If you plan to become a good writer then the first thing that you should concentrate on is the writing process. It is one of the stages of book writing that requires a lot of concentration and organization otherwise everything could go haywire. If you have made a plan for the writing process then you […]

Park to your Final Destination

1 Dec, 2014 Personal Development

There are really two ways to get through the park to your final destination. You can walk briskly thinking about where you are going, what you need to do, what you plan to say and fill your mind with all the “tasks” in your day rather than simply enjoying what is around you. You would […]

Deal with Distractions

28 Nov, 2014 Productivity

We all know that distractions are everywhere. With the way things are today, it feels really good to wake up in the morning, go to your email or maybe go to Facebook. We discount the future gains, meaning we want the immediate reward when given the choice between now or later. So, it probably feels […]

The Book Editing Process — Part 2

27 Nov, 2014 Book Writing

If you aren’t up for the idea of editing the book yourself (which I don’t recommend) then you can always choose the services of a professional book editor. A book editor is also supposed to check on the technical aspects of the book before sending it for printing. For non-fiction books, it is the role […]

Power of Yoga

25 Nov, 2014 Personal Development

So, how do we stay centered and in tune with ourselves while the world is moving so fast around us? It’s not easy, but I think I found a way. It’s as simple as just slowing down to breathe!! Yoga is a practice of breathing and moving your body to create a peaceful, yet energized […]

Experts on procastination

22 Nov, 2014 Productivity

I read an article about two of the world’s leading experts in procrastination. One was from the DePaul University and the other one from Carlton University, and I read a really interesting article talking about there’s so many ways to avoid success in life. The most sure fire way to totally avoid success is to […]

The Book Editing Process — Part 1

18 Nov, 2014 Book Writing

Book editing is one of the most important steps of book writing. It is a process that requires much concentration and focus because it involves the thorough analysis of the entire manuscript or the rough draft and turning it into a polished product by applying corrections wherever it is needed. It is very important to […]

Challenges as a ”means to an end”

18 Nov, 2014 Personal Development

Even though we may prefer sunshine over rain, at some point we realize that it is the “down days” that can bring us to new places of understanding and wisdom. We can use these times to consciously practice “flipping over” our anger to understanding and forgiveness, and our sadness to joy and gratitude. This simple […]

basic steps of self-publishing — part 2

11 Nov, 2014 Book Writing

Printer – Use a printer to print the book. If you plan to use colors or images on the inside then it will cost more. You can also choose a four colour cover design for instance or a black and white one. For binding you can choose from these options: perfect bound, saddle stitch, ringed […]

Three Steps to Take Complete Charge of Your Thoughts

11 Nov, 2014 Personal Development

ingrained in your mind; you don’t even know they’re wrong. For example: I’m not worthy of love. I don’t deserve to be successful. I’ll never have enough money. I could never do what he/she does. My life is never going to change. We tell ourselves so many false and limiting beliefs; we actually start to […]

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