Six Ways to Stimulate Creativity And Improve Your Book

24 Oct, 2018 Book Writing,Events,Getting Published

Every author has that moment during the writing process when they hit a wall. It can come during a challenging part of your story, when you’re first outlining your book, or even in the midst of writing. It’s when you suddenly find yourself staring at a blank page, with no direction on how to proceed. You think you’ve run out of creativity!

So if this happens to you, don’t be discouraged! Facilitating and maintaining creativity is a challenge for everyone who has ever crafted a book, from brand new authors to the masters of literature.

The trick is to have a plan to continually spark creativity, and to find inspiration. And with just a little initiative, you can always find a new way to be inspired by the world around you.

So start with these easy ways to regularly stimulate your creative side, which will come in handy when writer’s block rears its ugly head. By finding new ways to boost inspiration, you’ll have an easier time moving forward when those challenging moments pop up while writing your story.


Jumping Over the Writer’s Block Hurdle

1. Keep a journal handy

Have you ever been at work, with friends, or just out and about when you heard or noticed something that you found to be wholly unique? Write it down!

So much of our inspiration comes from what we see and experience on a regular basis. So having a way to record and store these moments will help them linger in your memory, and can be used in your story down the road.

Don’t like or don’t have enough room to carry around pen and paper? There are apps for your Smartphone for jotting down notes and ideas!


2. Change your scenery

A little change to your environment can boost your imagination while sparking new ideas.

So if you are feeling stuck at your home office, try heading to the library, an author’s group meet up, a coffee shop, or just another part of the home where the surroundings feel fresh and new.


3. “People watch” and eavesdrop

Innocent eavesdropping can work wonders when it comes to finding new developments in your story, and especially new ways to hone your dialogue.

Head to a public place – like a mall, a park, or any place where people love to gather. Then, simply take a few moments to listen. By doing so, you’ll continually gain insight into what makes people tick, and can better understand your broader audience.


4. Free-write

Free-writing is a wonderful tool for authors. It’s when you simply sit down at your computer, and let your fingers fly on the keyboard.

Don’t concentrate on the words or story that is generated. Just write, and see what new or inspired ideas, phrases, or concepts tumble out of the subconscious part of your brain.


5. Add music

Many people are inspired and moved by music, and the trick is to find a style that suits the topic at hand.

If you’re at a sad part of your story, listen to music that makes you reflective. If you’re at a joyful part of the book, tune into something happy and energetic. By setting the proper mood and tone with background music, your writing inspiration will follow suit.


6. Be proactive!

A workshop or immersive tutorial will go a long way in enhancing your tools to find inspiration, and continually maintain your creative side!

Start by planning to attend our upcoming January workshop, Book Bound By The Sea. With in-depth information and other authors to meet, you’ll have a new wealth of resources to help you keep writing when the going gets tough.

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Six Ways to Stimulate Creativity And Improve Your Book
Need a boost of inspiration, or a continual way to stay creative? Check out these easy ways to keep the ideas flowing, no matter where you are in the writing process.

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