7 Unique Habits That Indicate Intelligence

29 Mar, 2017 Personal Development

How do you define intelligence? It’s not an easily defined concept and certainly doesn’t look the same for every person.

Yet, researchers have found a collection of unique or “quirky” habits which may indicate intelligence and contribute to higher productivity, creativity, ingenuity, adaptability and ability to grasp complex ideas.

1. You’re a Bit Messy

Especially your desk and workplace. Although I don’t encourage excessive messiness where you work, it may contribute to your creative process.

In a study conducted by the University of Minnesota participants with a disorganized workspace showed higher levels of creativity and innovation.

The study surmised messiness encouraged individuals to break free from everyday norms and produce new, fresh ideas. On the flip side, orderliness can cause people to limit themselves and “play it safe.”

Creativity is a habit of intelligent people, which can lead to messiness. So the question remains, is messiness a result or cause of intelligence?

2. You Like to Work Late

This trait is an interesting one and researchers point to a couple of reasons for why night owls may be more intelligent:

  • Introverts often have higher IQs and believe night time is a more secluded, distraction-free time to get work done.
  • Highly intelligent people may have a different circadian rhythm than the average person, thus resulting in different sleeping patterns.
  • It is a result of evolution; our ancestors perceived night as a dangerous time and those who risked venturing out at night were considered the cream of the crop.

Even if you work well at night, still be sure to stick to your required 7-9 hours of sleep.

3. You Like Icy, Cold Showers

The electric shock of cold water is thought to lighten fatigue, frustration and tension (both physical and emotional.) The result is greater clarity, focus and energy. It can also improve your mood and memory.

In the Nordic countries, it’s very common to sit in the sauna then jump straight into cold water or the shower.

It comes as no surprise the people of Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Sweden are notoriously known as the happiest and most innovative in the world.

Gaining the courage to turn that shower knob down in the morning, may have a trickle effect through your whole day and inspire bigger and better thoughts. Why not, give it a shot?!

4. You Like to Draw and Doodle

Researchers have found doodling is a thinking mechanism, highly intelligent people use to process information and solve problems.

It has been shown to improve memory and act as a tool to visually portray ideas and creative juices.

Plenty of the most successful entrepreneurs and business owners have vision boards, as a way to visually set their goals and aspirations. What’s more, my “Book Bounders” are highly encouraged to draw and doodle as much as they want on their “Mind Maps!”

If nothing else, it’s an excellent escape for your mind, when you just need a break to recharge and recover.

5. You Like to Chat (to Yourself!)

Talking to yourself DOES NOT make you crazy! In fact, talking to yourself has been linked to extremely high intelligence. Speaking, whether to yourself or others is a tool for thinking, memory and perception.

If you’ve ever found yourself reading your to-do list out loud or mumbling as you complete chores/errands, keep it up!

6. You’re Over-Critical of Yourself

Individuals who are highly critical of themselves usually float through life with an overall higher awareness. What does this mean? It means you perceive the world, yourself and others in greater detail and at times, criticism.

It is truly a double-edged sword; in one sense, it keeps you on your toes, always striving for more. On the other hand, being overly critical of yourself can be harmful to your mental health and often result in negative self-talk.

The happy medium is finding a comfort zone between pushing yourself and reaching for your fullest potential, while also granting yourself praise for what you have accomplished!

7. You’re a Dreamer

You like to daydream, and unlike in elementary school, you won’t get scolded for it! In the same way, doodling can be a creative release for your brain; daydreaming is a form of mental rest.

Researchers noted how participants who took a break from a challenging task, by completing a mindless or low-effort task were able to come back to the original problem and find a creative, more ideal solution.

The same can be said for taking breaks, in general. During the workday, you should aim to take several breaks (aside from meals) to give your brain a much-needed repose. After a short break, get back at it with a clear, rested mind!

I already knew you were intelligent but did any of your quirky habits surprise you? It’s a beautiful thing to accept yourself (quirks and all) and embrace them for how they make you different and a more creative, innovative individual.

Got any other funny habits to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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Article Name
7 Unique Habits That Indicate Intelligence
Researchers have found a collection of unique or “quirky” habits which may indicate intelligence and contribute to higher productivity, creativity, ingenuity, adaptability and ability to grasp complex ideas.

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