It’s Time to Find a Mentor

11 Jul, 2017 Personal Development,Self Improvement

The entire course of my life changed when Zig Ziglar became my mentor!

Aside from the fact, Zig was a master in personal development, inspiration and motivation, having a mentor coach me through my personal and professional life, kept me on course to achieve my fullest potential, and then some.

You may have never considered a mentor, or perhaps you’ve been too afraid to take that initial step, but, don’t be afraid!

Let’s go over why I think it’s time you find a mentor.

1. Mentors prepare you for change.

Change can be scary, especially while it’s happening. The build up to a period of change is often plagued by anxiety: what’s coming next; will I be prepared; am I going to succeed?

Mentors prepare you for change, so you can face it head-on and succeed. Whether you’re starting a new career, opening a business or tackling a new endeavor, your mentor will guide you and surround you with the right people, relationships and strategies for success.

2. Mentors motivate you.

Even if you don’t believe in yourself, your mentor sure will — that’s their whole purpose!

Mentors provide valuable insight from their experiences, both successes, and failures; they share insights and ideas to help fine-tune and encourage your vision. Mentors see in you, what you don’t always see in yourself, and they pull it out of you just when you need it most. When the going gets tough, or you face a roadblock, your mentor will see past your own tunnel vision and encourage you to keep striving.

3. Mentors challenge you.

Mentors see past your comfort zone and will push you to break free of your own self-constraints. Mentors refuse to let you quit when they know you’re capable of more.

Challenges are inevitable, and your mentor will be the guiding light to get you through. When you succeed, they’re there to congratulate you; when you fail, they’ll offer a lending hand and show you the lesson in your failure.

4. Mentors advise you.

Mentors advise you in a practical sense, regarding your business or professional endeavors. Based on their experiences and unique perspectives, they’re able to guide you in making lucrative business decisions and avoid potential missteps.

It’s a good idea to seek a mentor who has experience in your field or industry, as their knowledge will be especially useful to you. Great mentors will see and share your vision, then guide you towards its realization.

5. Mentors connect you.

They have a whole host of new connections and contacts; you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. New connections are priceless, especially when you’re referred by a trusted source. Excellent mentors will pair you up with the most beneficial contacts for your purposes, without expecting anything in return. Networking just became a whole lot easier and more trusted.

I owe so much of my success today to my long-time mentor and friend, Zig Ziglar. I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the exceptional mentorship and guidance I experienced from Zig.

I can’t urge you enough to watch this amazing Ziglar original documentary, “Zig”. It tells the many stories of the lives and careers, Zig impacted and the legacy he left. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed being a part of it!

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It's Time to Find a Mentor
Have you thought about having a mentor, but still haven’t taken the steps to finding one? Learn the top 5 reasons I recommend anyone to get a mentor.

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