Three Steps to Take Complete Charge of Your Thoughts

11 Nov, 2014 Personal Development

ingrained in your mind; you don’t even know they’re wrong.
For example:

  • I’m not worthy of love.
  • I don’t deserve to be successful.
  • I’ll never have enough money.
  • I could never do what he/she does.
  • My life is never going to change.

We tell ourselves so many false and limiting beliefs; we actually start to believe them!

Step #2

Now that you have your list of limiting beliefs, practice replacing each negative statement with a positive one. Write these positive statements on 3×5 index cards, one per card. Here are some examples of negative thoughts/beliefs and how to turn them into positive statements:
Negative: Replace with:
“I am not worthy of true love.” “I deserve to be unconditionally loved.”
“I am ugly.” “I am beautiful in the way God made me. I am his perfection, his masterpiece.”
“I’ll never be rich.” “I love making money; I am prosperous and deserve to be wealthy.”

Step #3

For the next thirty days, once in the morning, and again in the evening, look at yourself in the mirror and repeat each of your new positive affirmations with enthusiasm and conviction.

I guarantee by the end of the thirty days, you will see a change in your attitude, your thoughts and your life.

This exercise works because it uses the power of our all-powerful minds. What we tell ourselves is the fuel that lights our fire.


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