Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Book

25 Oct, 2017 Book Writing

I’m so happy you’ve decided to write a book!

Once you become an author, you’ll gain greater brand recognition, attract lucrative speaking engagements and generate new streams of income.

But, most importantly you’ll change the world and leave a legacy with YOUR STORY!

To make the most of your author platform, consider the following mistakes to avoid when writing your book:

Designing Your Own Cover

A professional, quality book cover is essential to the success of your book. After all, it’s the first impression readers will have with you book — don’t you want it to be a good one?

If readers never pick up your book because the cover design is unattractive, they will never hear your story even if they’re exactly the person who needs it!

Consider this: according to a survey from, authors who invested in a professional cover design earned 18% more royalties than those who did it themselves.

Self-Editing Your Book

No one knows your book better than you, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be the best person to edit it. In fact, when editing your own work can cause you to “autocorrect” your own errors.

That is, your brain automatically corrects the error to make the sentence flow without you even realizing. Leave the proofreading and editing to a professional.

There’s nothing worse than spending thousands to print books filled with typos and grammatical errors; plus, you’ll lose massive credibility with your audience.

Hiring a professional editor is an investment you won’t regret and one which will guarantee a higher quality of work.

Not Backing Up Your Work

When it comes to saving and backing up your work, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Your book should be backed up in at least one other location other than where you’re writing it.

Imagine all your hard work and energy, gone in a matter of moments due to a hardware failure or virus. Do yourself a favor and pick up an external hard drive and get your book backed up! It’s a simple investment offering priceless peace of mind.

You can also digitally back up your book via Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon or other websites providing free or low cost storage options. Don’t forget to update your file every time you make a change!

Single Format Publishing

e-Books are more popular than ever, due to their ease of accessibility, portability and low cost.

You may be a more traditional reader, preferring a hard copy over digital version, but that same may not ring true for all your readers. Offering a digital version of your book will expand your reach and get your book into more of the hands that need it most!

Luckily, these are all simple and easily resolved “mistakes.” To learn more about best writing and editing practices, check out this post.

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Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your Book
To make the most of your author platform, consider the following mistakes to avoid when writing your book and get your book in the hands of those who need it most!

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