Shedding Light on Productivity

20 Feb, 2017 Productivity

Did you know the recommended daily dosage of sun exposure is 15-30 minutes per day?

Sun exposure is a major giver of vitamin D, which the body needs to regulate calcium and promote strong bone growth. Without it, bones, teeth and joints can weaken.

However, there is another, unexpected benefit: sunlight contributes to high productivity, energy levels and happiness– especially when taken in the appropriate dosage and at the right times.

The human body has been conditioned to function, since the beginning of our existence, by the cycles of the sun; we rise and set with the sun.

Sunlight Has Two Major Impacts on the Human Body

  1. Light ignites a natural reaction to be awake, alert and energetic.
  2. Darkness encourages the body to rest, as it triggers a release of the hormone, melatonin.

When our cycles get disrupted, either by too many early mornings or restless nights, our natural rhythm of wakefulness and rest goes haywire.

Get your sleep cycle in check, receive more natural sunlight and boost productivity, all with a simple few tips.

Catch Some Rays Within the First Few Hours of Waking

Our bodies are most receptive to sunlight within the first 1-2 hours of waking up; it’s like recharging a battery. Tomorrow morning, skip the coffee and opt for some sunshine!

Vitamin D-rich sunlight prompts the body to be energetic, alert and awake.

Get to Work Near a Window

If you can, position your desk or workspace in direct view of natural light. Even on a cloudy day, being by a window can increase productivity and mood.

Studies have even shown, exposure to continuous sunlight during the day, aides in an average of 46 extra minutes of sleep. What could be better for productivity than more rest?

Take Your Lunch Outside

Whether you have an hourlong lunch, work from home, or simply need a quick recharge — step outside!

A quick turn around the block or a sunny lunch break is sufficient enough to recharge your internal battery and reenergize for the rest of the day.

Opt for 15-30 minutes of sun exposure at a time, as too much can lead to skin damage or dehydration.

Avoid Bright, Artificial Light at Night

In the evening, it’s time to slow down your exposure to light. As mentioned, the body needs darkness, to rest and sleep well.

Unfortunately, so many of us make the exact opposite mistake — late-night movies, scrolling through social media, checking emails.

Ignoring your internal clock and consuming excessive light at night can cause a “drift” in your sleep patterns, where you become more awake at night and have a harder time staying alert during the day.

In short, limit your nighttime light exposure and keep your bedroom dark while you sleep!

Be Prepared for Cloudy Days

Ever had that feeling, on a cloudy, rainy day, where you can’t seem to get out of bed, let alone be productive?!

It happens — cloudy days come and go, as does the sun, so relying on sunny, beautiful days for productivity is not the way to go.

When getting sunlight is completely out of the question, you have to rely on your own motivation and positivity to stay productive — look at the reasons for why you feel unproductive or unmotivated and nip it in the bud before it takes hold of your day.

I Can Help!

As winter wraps up and springtime is just around the corner, we can look forward to more sunny, productive days! Don’t get stuck in the “busy being busy” rut — turn a new leaf and double down on your goals.

What are your goals for mental spring cleaning, this year?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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Article Name
Shedding Light on Productivity
Sunlight contributes to high productivity, energy levels and happiness-- especially when taken in the appropriate dosage and at the right times.

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