Productivity for When You’re on the Go

2 Mar, 2017 Productivity

Work doesn’t stop or slow down when you’re on the go.

For many authors, business owners and entrepreneurs, travel is an inevitable (and exciting!) part of their careers.

Through my own business and authorship, I’ve had the privilege and honor of traveling the world to meet and speak with like-minded individuals about goal-setting, productivity and, of course, book-writing!

I can’t say it’s always been easy — at times, it has felt like a surreal juggling act; but, over the years, I learned a few tricks of the trade and found myself easing into a smoother rhythm, every time I travel.

Don’t let travel impede your workflow — make it work for you. Check out my tips for productivity on the go.

Eat Right

Nutrition comes first and foremost in your quest for productivity greatness. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean attention to diet has to go by the wayside.

In fact, nutrition should be even higher on your radar, while on the go.

Before a flight, I’m always sure to pack a few snacks in my carry-on, as well as a bottle of water before boarding.

If you don’t have the time or energy to pack a snack, eat something at the airport, such as nuts, fruit, lean meats or vegetables.

Don’t skip out on a meal, just because you’re in a hurry, and steer clear of energy-depleting fast food options! For more ideas, check out my post The Productivity Diet: Top 10 Brain Foods.

Opt For In-Flight WiFi

Nowadays, most airlines offer in-flight wifi. Some are free (JetBlue), while others may come at a price. With access to the internet, you can check your emails, browse the web and complete necessary tasks before touching down.

Before purchasing a connection plan, check your options; if you often travel on the same airline, opt for a monthly plan, as it will come at a lower price than individual log-ins.

Carry A Power Bank

Just a few weeks ago, I was in a bit of a hurry to catch a flight and completely forgot to charge my laptop. No problem, I thought, I’ll just charge it on the plane. Wrong! I ran into a bit of bad luck, and the outlets on the whole plane were out of order!

Luckily, a friendly passenger offered me their portable power bank, so I could juice up my laptop and get to work. You can bet I’ve gotten my own since then!

Always prepare for the unexpected — whenever I travel I carry a portable power bank, so low battery never slows me down!

Download Your Airline’s App

Without a doubt, airline apps are some of the most useful tools for busy travelers. Avoid lines for checking in or switching seats, simply by using your app. You’ll also be able to see if your flight is on-time and check for upgrades.

I’ve even been able to use my app to select an earlier flight, without going through the hassle of calling the airline or waiting in line!

Check Airport Parking from Your Smartphone

Rather than driving around the airport parking lot aimlessly for hours in search of an empty space, fire up your smartphone and check the status online.

Nearly all major U.S. airports display parking information on their website, allowing travelers to see which lots are open and which ones are closed.

Using this information, you can drive straight to an open lot to find a space; thus, preventing unnecessary downtime during your travels.

Even better, take a shuttle from a remote lot, so you can use the commute time to be productive.

Skip the Checked Baggage

Especially if you’re traveling for just a few days, keep your luggage down to a minimum. This tip is a timesaver in a number of ways:

  • Ease of checking in — if you’ve already checked in on your mobile app, head straight to security and avoid additional lines!
  • No baggage claim — once you’ve de-boarded, you’re ready to go; who knows how long it will take for baggage to be released?
  • Less fuss and indecision — we’re all guilty of overpacking, now and again. Forcing yourself to pack only the essentials will decrease decision-making efforts when it comes time to dress for an important meeting or presentation. You have bigger things to focus on!

Looking for some productive reading on your next flight? I’ve got just the read for you: check it out!

What are your favorite travel productivity tips? We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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Productivity for When You're on the Go
Don’t let travel impede your workflow -- make it work for you. Check out my tips for productivity on the go.

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