Procastinators are made

27 Dec, 2014 Productivity

procrastinators we know, they’re not born, they’re made. That’s the good news and the bad news. The good news is it’s a learned response, and what’s learned can be definitely be unlearned. The bad news is that while it’s possible to change, it takes a lot of energy, and you don’t necessarily feel transformed right away. You may not even feel transformed internally.

Some people who think of themselves as procrastinators really aren’t. So many of us have so much on our plate, as I mentioned, but in a world of unending deadlines, they just put too many things on their to-do list. Take a serious look at your to-do list.

Do you have too much on there? If you do, it may not be that you’re procrastinating. It may be that you’re overwhelmed. You’re not avoiding the task, which would make you that tried and true procrastinator. You may just be getting things done and not as many things as you would like to get done.


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