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Deborah J Cabral

18 Apr, 2019

Michelle Prince is a dynamic, engaging speaker who captivates the audience with her authenticity and positive energy. She took the time to get to know our group and delivered a customized keynote that did exactly what we wanted it to do! If you are looking for a keynote speaker to motivate your attendees, have fun […]

Charla Anderson

9 Sep, 2017

As with everything-Zig Ziglar, Michelle Prince is as real as it gets. Authenticity is the core of who she is and how she lives her life. Book Bound has inspired the community to share their stories to impact the world, and we ALL have a story to tell. Powerful! I’m very humbled to be ‘Book […]

Debora Austin

9 Sep, 2017

This is so much more than learning about writing a book. This is so positive and encouraging. Everyone should attend one of these whether they want to write a book or not, but everyone has a book in them. I think now, I have more than one. I want to make a difference. I want […]

Debjani Biswas

9 Sep, 2017

Book Bound is one of the most enriching and valuable workshops I have attended. Each one is better than the last. Can’t wait to attend the next one!

Alice Baland

9 Sep, 2017

Michelle, family and friends helped me finally release and reformulate what I want to say in my book, things that are deep, scary, hopeful. The entire experience was professional, well rounded, uplifting, warm, fun, and full of love! Thank you!

Jody Held

9 Sep, 2017

Life changing value-empowerment galore! Powerful and priceless wisdom and action steps to take! Accessible and available to you!

Mike Bowman

26 Dec, 2015

“I’ve been in Real Estate for 46 years and have owned my own Real Estate company for 44 years. Our company is listed on Real Trends as one of the Top 500 Real Estate Companies in the country and we have been the # 1 CENTURY 21 Real Estate Office out of over 8,000 offices […]

Pastor Jackie Garner

26 Dec, 2015

“Michelle we love you and feel like you are a part of our Lakewood team! Thank you for all you did for our Lakewood women and all the people listening on the radio show!”

Tom Ziglar

24 Jun, 2015

“Michelle, your enthusiasm, expertise, and ability to impact people for the better makes it an honor to share the stage with you!”

Kami Schiller

20 Jun, 2015

“I WOULD NOT HESITATE TO RECOMMEND MICHELLE PRINCE TO ANYONE! You were truly energizing, inspiring and entertaining! Thank you!!”

Dr. David Phelphs

17 Jun, 2015

“Michelle Prince has a natural ability to connect with any audience. She is entertaining, engaging and her presentations are a combination of great content and a lot of fun which keeps the audience excited. You will love having Michelle speak for your audience!”

Mike Crow

14 Jun, 2015

“If you’re looking for a dynamic, enthusiastic, strong women to lead your conference, then look no further! Michelle Prince has spoken at my events and several others where I’ve recommended her and none have been disappointed… everyone LOVES her! She is down-to-earth, yet powerful with her natural ability to connect with any audience!”

Howard Stephen Berg

11 Jun, 2015

“As the world’s fastest reader, I get to work with some top tier speakers around the world. That’s why I only hire the best to speak at my events. I recently gave a three day event, and Michelle Prince gave a standout performance with excellent sales. My attendees told me how much they enjoyed her […]

Mitch Haynes

8 Jun, 2015

“Michelle Prince was one of the headlining speakers at the LexiCon Writers Conference on July 12th, 2014 and she rocked the house. Reviews of her speech have been coming in since the event and every one of them has given her high marks and praised her motivational message. She is knowledgeable, personable, and, above all, […]

Jeffrey Bowling

5 Jun, 2015

“Michelle’s keynote was relevant and amazingly practical. Lots of speakers are motivational or inspirational. Michelle was both of these AND she had incredibly relevant and practical ideas to make each person better. These are the latest best-practices for getting the most out of a day, in this age of over stimulation and distraction. Our Chief […]

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