Using Facebook to Promote Your Book, Part II

13 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

Last week, we discussed the first 6 steps in the process. If you missed my post, check it out here!

Today, let’s talk about the remOur next post will be on the remaining st

7. Create a Facebook Ad.

Facebook ads are simple, cost effective and ideal for targeting a particular niche audience. Most people start out spending just $10, running an ad for a couple weeks.

When creating an ad, aim for an eye-catching title, which tells viewers exactly what you or your book is about in as few words as possible. It should be just enough to clinch their attention and warrant a click!

Facebook even offers tutorials and step-by-step instruction on creating an ad, so anyone can do it! Check it out: How Do I Create A Facebook Ad?

8. Share Your Blog Posts

A great way to enhance your credibility AND generate traffic to your website (where readers can buy your book!) is by sharing your blog posts. If you’re a writer and not already blogging, it’s time to get going!

Blogs are a quick way for readers to get a taste of your writing style and what you’re all about before purchasing your book. Blogs enhance your credibility as a writer and business owner.

Aim to keep your blog topics relevant to your brand or book, otherwise, you run the risk of diluting your brand image and coming across as disorganized and unprofessional.

9. Engage with Your Audience

If a user comments on your post, write back! At the very least, give them a like to show you’ve noticed their interaction and appreciate it.

When someone shares one of your posts, be sure to thank them in the comments section. Not only is it the gracious and kind thing to do, it also provides a backlink to your page, so others can find you!

Engaging with your audience adds a human touch to an otherwise impersonal platform. Your audience or “fans” want to hear from you; if you can’t log on every day, make it a point to set aside time each week to respond to comments or messages.

10. Try a Promo or Giveaway

Once you’ve built a healthy fanbase, try running a promo or book giveaway — and make it fun!

Use your promo as an opportunity to create user engagement. For example, you could consider running a contest for users to submit their most creative or funny photo with your book.

The winner will receive a copy of your NEXT book or other product/service you offer.

Be sure to give users ample time to enter your giveaway, so you can get as many people involved as possible! Ideal timeframe would be about a week.

11. Use Hashtags

Hashtags have transcended the realm of Twitter and wound up on Facebook and other social platforms.

If you’re not familiar, hashtags are a form of searching for a particular word or phrase by using #, followed by your search item. For example, #booklaunch, #smallbusinessowner #writersclub.

Run a quick search on Facebook for popular or trending hashtags, which are relevant to your book or brand. Once you’ve found a handful (JUST a handful) of hashtags, try incorporating them into your posts.

Don’t include irrelevant hashtags into your posts for the purpose of click bait — it will inevitably turn users away from your page and make you appear unprofessional.

12. Be Active on Other Profiles

Interact with your audience not just on your page, but on theirs, as well. Share the love! Liking and commenting on other profiles enhances your credibility and positions you as more approachable.

13. Promote Your Fellow Authors, Colleagues or Peers

Share in others’ joy, by promoting your peers’ pages on yours!

Got a friend who just published their first book? Let your audience know! Facebook offers the opportunity to create a meaningful community, not competition.

Chances are, your friend or colleague is likely to return the favor in the future.

14. Stay Active and Current

Looking back at step three,

As easy as it is to “like” a page, it is just as easy to “unlike” it. If you’re posting sporadically or very seldom, you’re not offering value to your audience or encouraging engagement.

What’s more, if a new user stumbles across your page and sees you haven’t posted in a couple months, they’re unlikely to “like” you page and will probably move on.

I Can Help!

Promoting your book and brand on Facebook is indeed a commitment — but it’s so worth it!

I’ve been blessed to have the support of my friends, family and readers both on and offline, but it’s definitely taken considerable effort to build my pages into a viable marketing resource.

What are your thoughts on using social media as a marketing tool? Let us know in the comments below or check out my Facebook page!

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Using Facebook to Promote Your Book, Part II
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