The Power of Authority


Authoring a book is the best way to become the leading authority in your field. Becoming an author gives you instant credibility. It can increase your sales, lead to free publicity, and it opens up all kinds of new and exciting doors for building your business.



In today’s crowded marketplace, the best way to stand out from the competition is to establish yourself as the go-to authority and premier expert in your field. And the fastest, most credible way of becoming an authority is by authoring your own book.

Think about this:

What would it be like if you never had to make another cold call again?
What would the exposure of being seen and heard on top media outlets do for your business?
How would a 5-10% increase in profitability affect you and your family?

In The Power of Authority, you will learn:

  • How to grow your business by telling your story in a book
  • ​How to leverage your book into multiple revenue streams
  • ​How to use your book to automatically generate new leads
  • ​How to use your book to gain free PR and media coverage
  • ​How to use your book to position yourself as an industry icon
  • ​How to use your book for expert positioning in the marketplace
  • How to charge more for your services by becoming more valuable
  • ​How to use your book to overcome price resistance with prospects
  • ​How to use your book to keep from being seen as just a commodity
  • ​How to effortlessly attract new prospects for your products or services
  • ​How to use your book to land speaking events and consulting assignments
  • And dozens of other practical, real-world publishing tips, guaranteed to help take you from where you are, to where you want to be.

Best of all, when you’re finished with The Power of Authority, you’ll come away with an action plan for bringing your story to life so you can make a difference in the world.
Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive, speaker, coach, salesperson or service provider, you will learn powerful ways to grow your business by authoring your own book.
Let bestselling author and publishing expert, Michelle Prince show you how.

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“Make the kind of money you deserve…”

“Your story is your secret weapon. It’s what draws people to you and helps you to find common ground. But, If you don’t know how to tell your story, it could cost you profitable relationships, lost sales revenue and an empty sales pipeline. The Power of Authority will help you to make the kind of money you deserve and get the results you want by leveraging the power of your story.”

— Kevin Harrington, Original “Shark” on the hit TV Series Shark Tank

“Be the go-to expert…”

“If you’re looking for ways to stand out from your competition and be the go-to expert then you must read this book! The Power of Authority will show you how to leverage all your hard work, knowledge and expert skill in such a way to get the attention of the people you want to help most.” 

— Jonathan Sprinkles

Founder of The Connection Lab, 13-time author, Award-winning Speaker, TV personality

“Separated me from the crowded field…”

“I too was amazed how just being IN a book, and then later having MY own book, separated me from the crowded field of Doctors. Then I met Michelle, and she became our tribes go to on all things book related, Why? She wrote the book on it, and she teaches it. This book will share with you her passion for becoming that AUTHORity with her wit and wisdom, you too will soon become that AUTHORity.”

— Dr. Chandler George

“A lucrative book writing process…”

“Writing a book is a big deal. Even better, is sharing your unique and compelling story. Michelle Prince is the perfect mentor for distilling your message and, simply and systematically, getting your book out into the world. Her approach is not just a lucrative book writing process…it’s a self-discovery journey. Michelle is funny and fun and kind and smart and super organized. I love her! You will, too.”

— Ellen Rohr

Member/Franchise Operations Manger for Zoom Franchise Company, LLC

“A simple road map…”

“I’ve seen firsthand how Michelle Prince has leveraged The Power of Authority in her own life by being an author. She shares a simple road map to enable you to get more revenue, respect and results in your business.”

— Mark Timm

CEO Xponential, Inc. Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Dad & Husband

“You must read this book!”

“If you want to be known as the leading authority in your area of expertise, then you must read this book! The Power of Authority will show you step by step how to take what you already know and leverage it in such a way to give you incredible results. Don’t wait…read this book!” 

— David Phelps


“Leverage a book for your brand, credibility…”

“Michelle Prince is an amazing speaker, author and coach. She is also a dear friend I met through Tom Ziglar and Howard Partridge. Her book The Power of Authority – How to Get the Revenue, Respect & Results You Deserve by Authoring a Book nails it on the head —the importance of establishing yourself as an authority and expert in your field, and leveraging a book for your brand, credibility, and as a business card. Bravo, Michelle, on all you do to help others succeed!”

— Kyle Wilson

Founder of Jim Rohn International &

“I highly recommend you read this book…”

“As a CEO of a large marketing firm, I experienced The Power of Authority in my own business after writing my first book. It really is one of the best ways to stand out from the competition and establish yourself as the expert. I highly recommend you read this book and put into action the shared strategies so you can leverage The Power of Authority in your own business.”

— Joy Gendusa

CEO PostcardMania

“Move from commodity to authority…”

Success is more about being known as the authority, or celebrity expert in your niche, and authoring a book is the absolute best strategy for quickly moving from commodity to authority…Becoming an author builds both personal and business credibility, gets you more valuable PR and because authority equals influence, your book also lowers price resistance. Michelle Prince and her amazing “Book Bound” program has helped countless entrepreneurs to finally get their book done, and now, with this amazing book, The Power of Authority, you can too! 

— Jim Palmer

The Dream Business Coach,

“Get this book…”

“I’ve seen The Power of AUTHORity increase Revenue, Respect & Results over and over in my own life and many other’s lives! Get this book from my good friend, Michelle Prince TODAY” 

— Howard Partridge

CEO Phenomenal Products

“Establish your brand…”

“Michelle Prince has put together a compelling reason why you need to write a book to better establish your brand. She has also given you the specific action steps to complete that process. I believe this book will become one of the best resources a new author could ever possess. Thank you Michelle for this excellent work!”

— Robert A. Rohm

Ph.D. Personality Insights, Inc.


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