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24 Oct, 2019 Getting Published

You have a story, and your story matters. And maybe you have been told that you should somehow share your story. After all, each story is unique!

Maybe you have only shared your story with friends and family, who have used it as a source of inspiration to tackle their own challenges and obstacles. Perhaps you use your own journey as motivation to keep moving forward. Or maybe you’ve wondered if your personal story can help countless people who are just like you, and who have faced similar circumstances.

Better yet, maybe a few people have told you that you without a doubt should write a book!

If this sounds like you, we’re here to tell you that your story has the ability to make a difference in the world.

Share Your Story Because It Can Inspire

Think of all of the anecdotes, experiences, and stories that have inspired you throughout your lifetime. A good story can help you find the gumption to keep going. It can help you formulate new ideas and goals. And it can help you find inspiration to accomplish whatever you set your mind to. Sharing our stories is what allows us to find solutions to life’s biggest challenges, and to keep moving towards our personal goals and finish lines – whatever they may be.

The people who have these stories in hand are truly difference makers. They possess a wonderful ability to inspire and illuminate countless individuals who can make their own life better through the experiences of others – even if they have never met face-to-face.

You can be a difference maker in the world.

You already know that your story is powerful enough to resonate with readers. Plus, you know that people will want to hear about your journey, and use it as inspiration for their own path in life. And right now is your opportunity to shine without spending months or years putting your entire story in a lengthy piece of literature.

Simply put, we’re writing the book on difference makers, and we want you to join us!

Performance Publishing Group is hard at work compiling our newest book, “Illuminate – Difference Makers Shining Through Their Stories”. And we want to include your story in our inspired list of authors.

We are on the hunt for great stories from individuals who are:

  • following their passion
  • living with purpose
  • constantly and continually making a difference

It doesn’t matter what hurdles you have faced, or what your ultimate goal is at the end of your path. Some experiences are simply universal, regardless of your individual field, industry, or accomplishments. And it’s this common theme of being an inspiration that will resonate with our readers around the world.

Essentially, this upcoming book is designed to motivate, inspire and encourage your reader audience to shine by going further, reaching higher, and following their ambitions – just like you!


Share Your Story in Our Book

One of the best aspects of being a contributor to our upcoming book is that you don’t have to write an entire book to get your story to an audience. You’ll only need to contribute a chapter that outlines your journey to become a difference maker. You’ll contribute a roughly 2,000-3,000 word chapter, which will be highlighted among stories from other inspiring authors just like you. And we’ll be available every step of the way. We can help coach you on what you’d like to write, or to even write your chapter for you, editing your input.

That’s it! Once we have polished your story, we’ll complete the process with professional editing, cover design, and printing. Then, we’ll utilize our key marketing strategies to ensure your story reaches as large an audience as possible. Once “Illuminate” hits the shelves, you’ll be a published author – complete with a photo, biography, and byline! And you’ll have a legacy in print to be proud of for years to come.

Sharing your story won’t just result in a piece of literature to be proud of. There are other personal benefits to making your mark on the literary world!

Other benefits to sharing your story in our book

Cementing your status as a published author and a verified difference maker can open a wealth of new doors when it comes to personal and professional opportunities.

By contributing just a single chapter to our new book, you’ll be able to…

  • Increase your credibility as both a writer and an inspirational figure, regardless of your field.
  • Establish yourself as a go-to authority figure in your area of interest, whether you own a business, or simply want to take your career to the next level.
  • Create more and potentially financially rewarding opportunities through speaker engagements, consulting work, and other writing jobs and endeavors.
  • Help people reach their full potential by learning from your own journey to becoming a difference maker.

Sharing your story with as many people as possible has never been easier. With our upcoming collection of inspiring stories, you can truly shine and make a difference while finding limitless new ways to boost your own success through your new status as a published author.

Your contribution begins by reaching out to our team at Performance Publishing Group.


Reach Out to Us to Share Your Story

Tell us your story, and how you’ve become a difference maker in the world. We’ll work with you to craft your contributing chapter, and to create a wonderful addition to our book that you’ll be proud of. Once our book has been polished and published, you’ll receive 25 copies to share with colleagues, clients, and friends and loved ones, and you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase additional books as needed at wholesale cost.

Your story matters! And if you’ve been held back by writing a book simply because of the time commitment and skill involved, this is your perfect opportunity to shine. It’s time to share your story!

By working with our expert writing, editing and publishing team, your story will truly illuminate the world. The best part is it could bring you continued professional success and personal satisfaction for years to come.

Visit the website and reach out to us here!

Networking in Person

Do you prefer in-person training and collaboration to learn how to author and publish a book? Schedule your visit to meet us in Florida in January 2020 for Book Bound By The Sea. You’ll learn everything you need to become a published author, plus make a new network of authors for ongoing support!

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Share Your Story and Illuminate the World!
Are you a difference maker? Now is your opportunity to leave your mark on the literary world. Share your story in our new book!

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